Dying Light 2: Night Chase and Infected Trophies Farming Guide

Here is everything you need to know about triggering Night Chases and farming Infected Trophies in Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

Techland has finally brought us Dying Light 2, which is the successor to the zombie-apocalyptic open-world RPG franchise of Dying Light. The action survival horror game has already secured its place on the list of Steam’s Top 25 Games on the day of its release. And we are sure that this is just the start, as Dying Light 2 has been released on all platforms such as PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

No zombie-apocalyptic game is truly complete without life-threatening chases. Dying Light 2 has taken this concept and labeled its intensity in levels. While the zombies or undead in Dying Light 2 also roam around during the day, they are the strongest and most hostile during the night. So, night time is perfect for triggering chases and farming infected trophies.

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In this guide, we will give you a complete breakdown of what Infected Trophies are, what they do, and how you can trigger night chases. Moreover, we will also go over the types of infected trophies you can find in Dying Light 2 along with the type of undead that drop them, concluding with the best farming methods for Infected Trophies.

What Are Infected Trophies in Dying Light 2?

Although you may wonder if attracting hordes of zombies towards you voluntarily is really a wise decision when you can play it safe and avoid fighting them as much as you can. But here’s the thing. Zombies of all categories drop a loot known as Infected Trophies. And it is important that you collect them. Infected Trophies are divided into 3 categories of rarity: Uncommon, Rare, and Unique.

What Are Infected Trophies Used For in Dying Light 2?

Infected Trophies can be bartered with Craftsmen to upgrade blueprints, accessories, medkits, lockpicks, recipes for weapons, and other consumables – something you should be doing as often as you can to make your life easier. However, infected trophies can also be sold for money, but it is highly inadvisable. Whenever you kill an undead, search them to collect your Infected Trophy.

Where to Get Uncommon, Rare, and Unique Infected Trophies in Dying Light 2?

Here we have categorized the three types of Infected Trophies along with the type of zombies that drop each of them, to help you determine the types of Zombies you need to specifically target for your desired upgrades. However, keep in mind that mobs sometimes drop trophies that are generally not associated with them. So Rare and Unique Infected Trophies are not always 100% guaranteed.

Uncommon Infected Trophies

Uncommon Infected Trophies can be looted by killing the following types of zombies:

  • Howlers – Howlers are zombies with glowing torsos, making them easy to differentiate. They do not attack on sight, but will let out a scream or howl upon spotting you. This will alert all nearby zombies and instantly start a chase.
  • Virals – The most common type of zombies found in Dying Light 2. They are fast and agile, so they can climb up buildings easily and pounce on you.
  • Spitters – These zombies cough up a glowing yellow toxic substance that can damage your health upon impact.

Rare Infected Trophies

Rare Infected Trophies can be looted by killing the following types of zombies:

  • Bolters – Bolters only appear at night, and have glowing spots on their skin. However, they are incredibly fast and will run away after spotting you. So you’ll have to chase after them to get your trophies instead of the other way around.
  • Goons – Goons are among the larger and tankier zombies in the game. Their movements are slow, but they are hard-hitters. They use giant hammer-like rebars to swing at you. Killing them is easier if you can manage to get behind them, because it takes them time to turn around and face you.
  • Banshees – Banshees are petite, but incredibly agile. They can launch themselves at you by using other zombies as a springboard.

Unique Infected Trophies

Unique Infected Trophies can be looted by killing the following types of zombies:

  • Volatiles – These bad boys only come out at night. They are incredibly fast and powerful, and pose a great threat to players. It’s never wise to butt heads with them directly, even on one-on-one. It’s best to lure them towards the nearest safe zone’s uv lamps instead.
  • Chargers – Chargers will charge at you with all their might, with the intention of crushing you. However, they cannot change their direction while charging, so you can easily dodge your way out of their attacks.
  • Demolishers – They are the largest and tankiest zombie in Dying Light 2. They will charge at you with all their might, and even have the strength to break walls or even throw vehicles at your way. However, their movements are quite slow.
  • Revenants – These are special infected that can be found in GRE Anomalies encounters. They should be dealt with from a distance. You will have an easier time killing them using ranged weapons.

How to Trigger a Night Chase in Dying Light 2?

Chases in Dying Light 2 come in 4 levels of intensity: from Level 1 to Level 4. The higher the level, the more difficult it becomes to survive, as you will be heavily outnumbered as the chase progresses. Triggering a chase in itself is pretty simple, but how you bring it all the way up to level 4 and keep it from ending prematurely, staying alive through the whole process is the real trick.

In order to start a chase, you will need to go up to zombies and annoy them. You can run around and hit them to attract all of their attention. However, the most efficient way is to approach a Howler, which will howl at you as you go near it, and the chase will begin instantly.

You should have no problem reaching a Level 3 chase, and creating some distance between yourself and the zombies by going up to a rooftop or seeking refuge under a UV lamp stationed near safe zones. However, being too far away from zombies doesn’t always help your case as the chase meter will start flashing, indicating that the chase will end.

To prevent that from happening, go back to ground level and put up a good fight so that you can take your chase all the way to level 4. Just interact with them to grab hold of their attention. Taking the chase to level 4 is important as the bigger, tankier zombies start arriving during Level 4. And they drop Unique Infected Trophies, which is the rarest kind of the three.

How to Farm Infected Trophies in Dying Light 2?

There are two best ways you can farm Infected Trophies in Dying Light 2. Both of them are reliant on starting a chase. The first method is to annoy a Howler to begin the chase. Attack a few more zombies to slowly scale it up to level 3. And then find yourself a vantage point such as rooftops or ledges that are hard for zombies to reach.

Even if some zombies do manage to climb up, kick them off, and they’ll fall to their deaths. Once hordes of zombies gather in one place, throw Molotovs to wipe them out all at once. However, keep in mind to get down to ground level and interact with the zombies if the chase meter starts flashing. Once you reach level 4, head back up again.

The second method is similar but takes the fight to street level. This is for the risk-takers that like the thrill and danger involved in chases. However, it will require you to operate from near a safe zone. Once you run around hitting zombies and attracting their attention, make them follow you all the way towards the safe zone’s UV lamp station. They will all gather around but will not make the attempt of approaching the UV lamp. So you can throw multiple Molotovs again to set them ablaze.

Farming Infected Trophies without Chase

If you want to farm for trophies without starting a chase, then we got you covered. You can also farm for Rare trophies through completing Encounter missions, but the process will be slower. Encounters spawn on the map randomly and are shown as blue icons. These missions only require you to fight one large zombie at a time.

You can also farm Unique trophies during the Broadcast story mission. When the power goes out, and Rowe’s men are faced with danger, you two decide to split up to find a way to restore power. Upon reaching the maintenance room, you will be required to flip the switch to “Restore the power”. As you are done checking the fuses, Virals will start crawling out of vents. You can use this moment to spawn hundreds of trophies before you restore the power from the main switch.

Tips and Tricks for Farming Infected Trophies

Start your chase relatively early in the night. This will help you trigger multiple chases in a single playthrough, given you survive all of them unscathed. But even if you don’t survive at the end of the chase, the loot will remain on the ground for you to collect if it is still nighttime when you respawn. However, unlike the loot, the XP will not carry forward if you die.

Moreover, Dying light 2 allows you to change the difficulty setting at any time. The best way of farming for infected trophies is to set the game on easy mode. This will make the encounters and chases much easier to get out of alive.

Furthermore, you should always be stocked up on med-kits and immunity boosters and use them throughout the chase. You should also take your time hunting down inhibitors to strengthen your health and stamina before you are ready to start farming for infected trophies.

You should also invest in a UV Flashlight, as it will save your life plenty of times. Lastly, you may also start the chase right before dawn. The day begins at 8 am, so if you start the chase at around 7, you may be able to take down a bunch of special infected before they start fleeing to escape from the sunlight.

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