Dying Light 2: How to Unlock Paraglider

Overwhelmed by the level of ground you have to cover by foot in Dying Light 2? Well, worry not as the game will offer you a Paraglider to glide across the sky and cover great distances.

Developed by Techland, Dying Light 2: Stay Human is the second and brand new installment in the open-world action survival horror franchise of Dying Light. Having been released 7 years after the original title, Dying Light 2 has served us a lot on the plate in terms of fresh content.

The game’s map is also 4 times larger than that of the original. The map’s size stands to be at seven square kilometers – as per the claims of Tymon Smektała, who is the lead game designer of Dying Light 2. This means that you have four times the space for exploration. However, in a dangerous world that is infested with zombies, it’s inconvenient to cover so much ground on foot.

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That’s why the game introduces the Paraglider – which lets you glide across from building to building and more; allowing you to traverse across the map with ease. The paraglider is one of the six Nightrunner tools you can unlock in Dying Light 2. In this guide, we will go over a range of topics starting from how to unlock the Paraglider, how to use it, how to upgrade it, and how you can make use of air vents when gliding.

How to Unlock Paraglider in Dying Light 2

Luckily, Dying Light 2 offers the Paraglider as part of its main story quest – so it is totally unmissable. In order to unlock it, you must first clear the “Let’s Waltz” main quest in Old Villedor. After you have successfully cleared it, you will travel to the Central Loop as part of the subsequent main quest titled “A Place to Call Home“. The average time to get there is somewhere around 10 to 15 hours of gameplay, going up to 20 hours if you spend too much time sightseeing and exploring.

Once you arrive in Central Loop, you will meet a new character named Lawan; who will hand you a Paraglider as part of the main quest. Keep in mind that the paraglider you receive is at its base level, so the maneuvers you can perform with it initially are restricted.

Once you have received the paraglider, it permanently becomes a part of your inventory for the entirety of the game. However, it will not take up any inventory space, nor do you have to equip it separately like the Grappling Hook. Moreover, the paraglider cannot be damaged, so you don’t have to worry about repair costs!

How to Use Paraglider in Dying Light 2

Once you receive the paraglider, you’ll have to complete a tutorial on how to use it. As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to “equip” the paraglider. It becomes ready to use when you jump off buildings. Simply hold the prompted button before jumping based on the platform you’re playing on. Here is the button command you need to press before jumping for each platform:

  • Xbox – Press ‘X’ button
  • PlayStation – Press “Square” button
  • PC – Press “Z” key

Paragliders perform best when used from tall buildings and structures. However, if you miss your timing, you may fall to your death. At its base level, your maneuverability is somewhat restricted, as you can’t perform stunts like gliding upwards to increase your height. Also, keep in mind that gliding consumes stamina, so if you don’t land before your stamina runs out, you’ll lose control of the Paraglider.

How to Use Air Vents when Gliding in Dying Light 2

Air Vents are these large vents found atop buildings spread across the map in Dying Light 2. They have a giant whirlpool of steam coming out of them, making them pretty hard to miss. As we mentioned earlier, gliding takes up your stamina. So to keep up your momentum while in the air, these Air Vents will come to your rescue.

Gliding right over to the center of an Air Vent vortex will not only replenish your Stamina but also give you a directional boost. Moreover, you can also take off right from an Air Vent to give you that boost in height. To activate your paraglider while standing atop an Air Vent, press X for Xbox, Square for PlayStation, and Z key on the keyboard for PC.

How to Upgrade Paraglider in Dying Light 2

The Paraglider in Dying Light 2 can be upgraded twice, consuming Military Tech and Old World Money each time. In order to upgrade the paraglider, simply locate the Craftsmaster on your map and pay their shop a visit. The Craftsmaster’s shop icon depicts an X made with a wrench and hammer.

The Military Tech needed for the upgrade can be sourced from Military Air Drops. Old World Money can be quickly earned by selling unwanted armors and weapons. Simply interact with the craftsmaster to access the crafting menu, scroll over to the Upgrade section, and select Paraglider to make your upgrade:

  • Upgrade 1:
    • Effect: Increases the Paraglider’s range and maneuverability. Aiden can now glide upwards to increase height while in flight.
    • Cost: 2 Military Tech + 1,000 Old World Money.
  • Upgrade 2:
    • Effect: Adds the ability to boost speed when gliding.
    • Cost: 3 Military Tech + 2,000 Old World Money.

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