Dying Light 2: Bows, Crossbow, and Changing Ammo guide

Here is everything you need to know about unlocking Bows, Crossbows, and changing between different arrows in Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

Dying Light 2 is the brand new installment in Techland’s brilliantly successful Dying Light franchise. The action survival horror game is set in a zombie-apocalyptic world, just like its predecessor. Players get to experience the journey of Aiden Caldwell, who puts his life on the line for the mission of reuniting with his lost sister.

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So you will be traveling in between human settlements across Villedor, fighting zombies and humans alike throughout your journey. Although Dying Light 2 is primarily melee-focused, there will be plenty of times when you’ll need to rely on ranged weapons in combat. However, unlike Dying Light 1, there are no firearms. Instead, Dying Light 2 forces players to rely on traditional ranged weapons like Bows and Crossbows.

What’s even more surprising is that they don’t become available until you are halfway through the main storyline. In this guide, we will explain how you can unlock Bows and Crossbows in Dying Light 2. Moreover, we will also explain how you can change between different types of arrows – a function that has not been explained well in the game itself.

How to Unlock Bows in Dying Light 2?

As mentioned earlier, Bows aren’t available to players in the first half of the game. In order to unlock it, you will need to complete the “Let’s Waltz” Main Quest. It is the last main quest based in Old Villedor. So you’re looking at completing about ten main quests before you unlock yourself the first ranged weapon in the game called the Pipe Bow.

As a reward for completing Let’s Waltz, Aiden will receive the Pipe Bow, along with the blueprints for Normal Arrows, and feathers for crafting arrows. You can purchase schematics for elemental arrows like Fire Arrows, Frost Arrows, Electric Arrows, Toxic Arrows, Bleeding Arrows, Explosive Arrows, and Infected Arrows from Craftsmen once you get to the Downtown Metro in Central Loop.

You can only carry 10 arrows at a time, and crafting a pack of Normal arrows consume 10x Scraps and 1x Feather. For elemental arrows, an additional 1x item will be required based on the elemental attribute of that particular type of arrow. For example, crafting Fire arrows will require 1x Resin, and crafting Electric arrows will require 1x Wiring along with 10x Scraps and 1x Feather.

Unlike the melee weapons in Dying Light 2, Bows are purely indestructible. They do not get damaged, so you won’t have to spend anything on repairs! With that being said, the Pipe Bow can’t be upgraded, nor is it the strongest in the game.

Where to find Bows in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 offers plenty of other, stronger options for Bows. The most notable one is the Paper Clip bow, which can be unlocked during “The Shoe” quest. During that mission, Lawan will ask you to go over to her apartment to find a pair of shoes for her. Simply head inside her bedroom to look for the shoebox. The Paper Clip bow can be found right on top of the shelf that is opposite her bed.

Other than that, you might have some luck finding Vendors carrying Bows of different rarities. If you don’t want to spend money, you can also look for bows near Military Airdrops. For example, airdrops like the THB-M30 located in Downtown and THB-1N4, which is located in Saint Paul Island have bows placed next to the crates. Moreover, you can also find another bow near the ledge of the Radio Tower of Newfound Land Military Array.

How to Unlock The Crossbow in Dying Light 2?

The Crossbow in Dying Light 2 sure packs a punch. It is incredibly powerful, and there is only one of its kind. However, it will not be unlocked as part of any main quests. So, if you happen to miss it, then you won’t be able to get your hands on another one.

The PK Crossbow, which is the only Crossbow in Dying Light 2, is a semi-automatic one. It is fast and more powerful than bows and uses bolts. You can even craft elemental bolts for them as well by unlocking blueprints. However, the Crossbow requires quite the effort to unlock.

As you progress through the game, you will be tasked to activate and take over various Facilities throughout Villedor. After activating the electrical substations and water towers, you will need to assign them to either Peacekeepers or Survivors. Whoever you assign a Facility to takes control over the zone around it.

In order to unlock the PK Crossbow, you need to reach tier 4 with the Peacekeepers. Meaning, you need to assign at least 4 of the Facilities to the Peacekeepers. Then you can simply collect the Crossbow as your tier 4 reward. You can even go a step further to get the Municipal Services trophy by assigning 7 Facilities to the Peacekeepers.

How to Change Ammo in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 offers a bunch of different types of elemental arrows and bolts for your bows and crossbows. However, what it fails to do is give clear instructions on how to switch between them. First, you need to make sure that your Bow or Crossbow is assigned on your weapon wheel.

In order to assign a weapon to the weapon wheel, head on to the Inventory and select Weapons. Then you have to press “Assign Multiple Weapons to the Weapon Wheel“. You can have a maximum of 4 weapons in your weapon wheel at a time.

The weapon wheel can be accessed by pressing the “3” key or the Right D-pad. You can cycle through the weapon wheel to select Bow or Crossbow. Whenever you equip the Bow/Crossbow, the normal arrow will be assigned as the default ammo. In order to switch to elemental arrows, keep holding the Weapon Wheel button while having your Bow/Crossbow Equipped. You can scroll between different types of arrows/bolts by pressing:

  • “Q” and “E” keys on PC
  • L1 and R1 for PlayStation
  • LB and RB for Xbox

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