Drops are enabled from Week 5 of LCS: rewards and how to get

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Drops are finally enabled from the Week 5 of LCS with rewards like hextech chest and key, blue essence, skin shards, and more.

Last month, Riot Games introduced a drop system where players can earn loots while watching LCS games on watch.lolesports.com. They also mentioned drops will be available from the third week of the 2020 Summer Split for the LCS & LEC. And fans from Riot and Tencent regions will be eligible for the rewards. But eventually, it was not enabled from week 3 which resulted in getting a lot of backslash from the League community.

And now, today, Riot Games announced that from Week 5 of LCS on Friday, July 10 after the Classic Showmatch, fans will be able to get their loots.

Drops Rewards:

Players will be getting drops in card system and the rewards will vary from the rarity of the card. For a normal card that triggers from in-game or in-broadcast events, players will get a small amount of Blue Essence.

But in some specific moments, such as Baron steals, pentakills, or a series going to the final game players will get rare cards that can trigger bigger rewards like Hextech chests and keys, skin shards, summoner icons, and Clash tickets.

And for the first drop of the season in the match between Immortals and Dignitas, fans will get a Hextech Chest and Key.

How to Claim Drops:

In order to unlock and claim drops, players need to log in to watch.lolesports.com with their League of Legends account and opting in for receiving rewards from the Reward Page.

Drops are not available for Garena servers and players from Riot and Tencent regions are only eligible.

When a drop triggers you will get a notification and just by clicking the notification or checking your profile will get you the rewards.

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