Dr. Mundo Rework Skins: All the Splash Arts

Riot Games reveals some more information about Dr. Mundo’s rework along with some of his skin’s splash arts.

Back in June 2020, Riot Games first teased about Dr. Mundo’s VGU. Later, they revealed their goals of this rework and how they are planning to improve Dr. Mundo’s gameplay. Even though there was not much information on when Riot will release his rework, on the latest champion roadmap Riot Games said that Dr. Mundo’s rework is almost ready.

Moreover, Riot also mentioned that Mundo’s new voiceover sounds a “little smarter than the current Mundo—this is almost inevitable”. As Dr. Mundo has a lot of skins, Riot is taking their time polishing them all.

Till now, Riot Games has only revealed the splash art of Rageborn Mundo and teased a new animation of his legendary skin, Corporate Mundo.

Splash Arts

Rageborn Mundo

Rageborn Mundo
Image: Riot Games

Corporate Mundo

Base Dr. Mundo’s splash along with Pool Party Mundo, El Macho Mundo, Toxic Dr. Mundo, Mr. Mundoverse, Mundo Mundo, Executioner Mundo, Executioner Mundo, and Frozen Prince Mundo splash arts are yet to be revealed. We will update the article once Riot unveils them all.

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