Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Recruit Villagers

NPCs in Disney Dreamlight Valley will be your favorite characters of all time! They live in the village of Dreamligth Valley, where you can be friends and work hand in hand. This guide will show you how to recruit villagers.

You can live up to your magical dreams in an exciting game like Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can talk to your favorite characters who will play as NPCs in the game. Moreover, you can befriend all of your favorite Disney and Pixar characters, choose to be a character, and personalize your Dreamlight Valley experience. You must collect resources such as Star Coins, Moonstones, and other items to progress in the game.

The NPCs are various characters like Elsa, Moana, Magician, Ana, and much more! You will love it there. You can increase your friendship level with the characters, and they will help you in your time of need. Moreover, players can give roles to the NPCs who live in the village, making it easier for the players to complete various quests.

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How To Recruit Villagers

Unfortunately, you cannot recruit the villagers as they are not playable characters but NPCs. So you can only interact with them by making a conversation, and also you can ask them to help you in the quests.

But anyway, you can give roles to the villagers to help you with your chores. Like, if you are harvesting vegetables like pumpkin, you can ask them to come with you to plant those seeds. And also, the NPCs will help players pluck out the fully grown vegg=etbales and help the players in mining, foraging, and other areas.

You can tame pets in Disney Dreamlight Valley as you make friends with all the NPCs in the village. This will make you happier in the world of Disney.

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