Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Fish

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Fishing can become real fun in the world of Disney Drealight Valley. This guide will show you how to fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In an adventurous game like Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can play as a Pixar or another Disney character. Players must collect Star Coins, Moonstones, Dreamlight, and other resources to survive in the game. They also have to fight against Dark Magic. But apart from all the hard work, you can also have fun in the Dreamlight Valley. And one of the ways is by fishing.

Fishing can be beneficial for you in the game as well as you can later sell these fish in Goofy’s stall to get Star Coins or other rewards. Fishing is not that hard, but you have to do some earlier tasks to start fishing.

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How To Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are different fishing spots, like-

  • Golden Fishing Spot: You will get Rare Fish here, and trying out four reeling attempts is a must.
  • White Fishing Spot: You must succeed in two reeling attempts to catch fish here.
  • Blue Fishing Spots: You must complete three reeling attempts to catch fish here.
Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Fish

To fish, you may follow the steps below:

Fishing Expedition Quest

To start fishing, you will need a Fishing Rod. You can get the Fishing Rod from Goofy by completing the Fishing Expedition Quest in the game. You must complete this Fishing Expedition Quest to start the fishing process.

Aim & Catch

After you get the Fishing Rod, throw it in any pond, and if a fish catches it, press the LMB button while the water bubble comes, and the circle around the Rod becomes green.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Fish
Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Fish

And voila! This is the easiest way to catch fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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