Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Increase Inventory Size

Increasing your Inventory is an essential thing in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As you proceed through the game, you will have to gather resources and other valuable items in your Inventory. This guide will show you how to increase inventory size in this Disney Dreamlight Valley game.

In an adventurous game like Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can choose a character from Pixar or another Disney series and fight against Night Thorn’s dreadful magic. Players can also cook, personalize items, and buy new ones. There are various tasks to complete in the game. You will get Dreamlight and Moonstones as rewards.

You will have 21 slots of Inventory. You can increase your Inventory as well. Expanding your Inventory can help you survive in the world of Dreamlight Valley, and you can quickly go forward in the game. Of course, increasing Inventory is mixed with some steps. However, you can easily follow those steps to improve your Inventory.

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How to Increase Inventory Size

To increase Inventory size, you will need the following;

Star Coins

Star Coins are the purchasing medium in the game. You can get Star Coins by;

Complete Quests

You must complete daily quests and other quests given by the NPCs in the Dreamlight Valley. After you complete the quests, you will earn Star Coins.

Sell Items

You can get Star Coins quickly if you sell some items in the in-game shop.


You should also explore various places and fight against dark magic in the game. This will also help you earn Star Coins.


You may also do fishing in the ponds in the game and catch fish. You can also sell these fish to earn Star Coins.


You can also mine in some places in the game and find the Gemstones. After you find Gemstones, you may get Star Coins.

Give Roles

When you increase your friendship level in the game with other characters, you may give various roles to them like, fishing, mining, harvesting, cooking, etc. As a result, they will help you at work, and you will get Star Coins.

Clean Up

You must also clean up the Dreamlight Valley quickly to get Star Coins.

The Final Move

Now, to increase Inventory size, you may follow the steps below:

  • Go to Main Menu.
  • Choose Inventory and purchase More Space with 2500 Star Coins.

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