Scorn: How To Heal

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Healing is one of the most critical aspects of Scorn. You must get healed every time you get injured in combat. This guide will show you how to heal in Scorn.

Scorn is a survival horror bio-punk video game played in first person. Of course, it would help if you fought for your survival while continuing with your games. Players will go through the planet of Scorn, where they encounter terrifying machines made of flesh and bone. Players can employ biomechanical weaponry to win battles, and you can also select weapons from various possibilities. Sometimes in combats, you may get injured.

Injury can downgrade your power, and thus you will need to heal. Healing can be done in a few steps in Scorn. First, however, you must recover to regain your power after heavy combat. Recovery can be upgraded, and there are certain places to heal.

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How To Heal

To heal, you may follow the steps below:

Healing Station

First of all, find a Healing Station in Scorn. In the Healing Station, you can start the process of healing.

Scorn: How To Heal

Red Orb

You will also need one Red Orb to heal after you get to the Healing Station. This Red Orb will be used on your healing device. The healing device kind of looks like a crab. As you can see, you must get the Red Orb on your healing device.

If you are out of Red Orb, find any other Healing Station to refill.

The Final Move

Scorn: How To Heal

When you have the Red Orb on your healing device, keep pressing on RB button on your console, and you will see that the healing device will transfer blood on your arm. However, you can get only two bars of healing at a time.

You can also check out how much health and crab you have on the screen.

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