Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to All Get Crop Seeds

You will need seeds to harvest various plants or gather ingredients to cook meals. This guide will show you how to get all Crop Seeds.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can level up to 30 and choose your character. Players can also customize their characters and make friends with the NPCs of the village in the game. There are various items to collect, like, Moonstones, Coins and much more! These items are used for harvesting, mining, foraging etc. Players can also harvest in their gardens and plant various seeds.

But you have to get the seeds first to harvest plants. Players also need sources to gather various ingredients to cook incredible meals. You can get the seeds from McDucks’s shop, Goofy’s Stall and in much more ways!

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How to All Get Crop Seeds

To get Crop Seeds, you must complete various quests and gather resources.

To get Crop Seeds, you may follow the ways below:

SeedsStallSeed PriceGrowth Time
LeekForgotten Lands120 Star Coins120 Minutes
PumpkinForgotten Lands55 Star Coins35 Minutes
PotatoForgotten Lands275 Star Coins240 Minutes
LettucePeaceful Meadows3 Star Coins3 Minutes
WheatPeaceful Meadows2 Star Coins1 Minute
CarrotPeaceful Meadows10 Star Coins15 Minutes
AsparagusFrosted Heights150 Star Coins165 Minutes
EggplantFrosted Heights95 Star Coins180 Minutes
CucumberFrosted Heights40 Star Coins75 Minutes
CornDazzle Beach15 Star Coins12 Minutes
SugarcaneDazzle Beach5 Star Coins7 Minutes
TomatoDazzle Beach8 Star Coins25 Minutes
SoyaSunlit Plateau60 Star Coins90 Minutes
ZucchiniSunlit Plateau30 Star Coins40 Minutes
CottonSunlit Plateau42 Star Coins25 Minutes
Chili PepperSunlit Plateau20 Star Coins45 Minutes
RiceGlade of Trust35 Star Coins50 Minutes
SpinachGlade of Trust35 Star Coins50 Minutes
OkraGlade of Trust135 Star Coins120 Minutes
OnionForest of Valor50 Star Coins75 Minutes
Bell PepperForest of Valor12 Star Coins15 Minutes
CanolaForest of Valor25 Star Coins35 Minutes

These are all the seeds you will get in the given shops with a certain amount of Star Coins. So purchase the seeds and plant them, and you will have various vegetables and food items in your garden.

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