Dead Space Remake: All Endings Explained

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Dead Space Remake has added a whole new ending along with the old ending of the game. Here is what each of these ending means.

The original Dead Space game came out back in 2008. Since then, the gaming industry has evolved a lot. So the devs decided to remake the game with proper modern-day graphics and lighting engine. But that is not the only thing they changed. There are also many tweaks and additions that make the game even better.

This new Dead Space Remake added a new ending to the game. However, this alternate ending is not easy to get. On top of that, getting it on your first playthrough is impossible. Thus the only way to get this alternate ending is the New Game+ mode. As a result, you will have to go through the original ending first to get this alternate one. That being said, here are all the ending means in Dead Space Remake.

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All Endings Explained in Dead Space Remake

The dead Space ending is not a happy one. Like the grim atmosphere of the game, this ending is also grim. As you explore the facility and fight through hordes of enemies, you will finally come across a marker, considered a holy symbol by some people. Some people in the facility are trying to evolve themselves by using the marker. But in turn, getting insane by the marker’s influence.

While going through the game, we finally meet up with our girlfriend, who helps us escape a few areas. But at the end of the game, after finally defeating the nucleomorph boss, it is revealed that his girlfriend was dead even before we came to abord the facility. And the person we thought of as his girlfriend was another character. All that happened become we were also under the influence of the marker.

In the final act, a meteorite destroys Ageis IV while we escape on a ship. But before the credits roll, we are greeted with a jumpscare scene where we see a deceased Nicole suddenly attack Issac on his seat while he is getting away.

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Credit: Electronic Arts

The Alternate Ending

The alternate ending of Dead Space Remake requires a few steps to get. And it can only be achieved in the New Game+ mode. The ending requires 12 different marker fragment, which is scattered across the whole game. But once you gather all 12, you cannot go back into the room to place them. So you need to get to New Game+.

This ending changes the ending cutscene to a more peaceful one. In this ending, we see Nicole sitting beside our character, and we chat with her.

What does the Ending Mean?

We already know the meaning of the original ending of this game, thanks to Dead Space 2. In Dead Space 2, it was revealed that the final attacking cutscene was a hallucination by our character, and we are still under the influence of the marker, slowly but surely losing our sanity. But if we analyze the alternate ending of the game, things change.

The alternate ending shows us accepting the death of Nicole. Since we are chatting with her, this can mean two things. We have either accepted the fact she is dead, and we are at peace with it. Or we have surrendered to the marker’s influence, which controls our hallucination.

This alternate ending can mean many things for the franchise of Dead Space as a whole. The original creator of Dead Space has stated he wants to make more dead space games. So they can continue with the alternate ending to reboot Dead Space 2 and 3. Or they can just re-make the 2nd and 3rd games in the manner of this one.

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