One Piece Odyssey: Battle Skills Of Each Character

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Here are all the battle skills of each character in One Piece Odyssey.

One Piece Odyssey offers turned-based combat along with many different kinds of enemies and bosses. In fact, each enemy will require you to scheme a new tactic. This RPG from Bandai Namco features a long list of main missions where you must go through many enemies to meet Adio, the final boss.

Players will also meet guest characters you can use on certain levels of the game. Each character has a different set of battle skills that will help you beat enemies and continue your epic adventure through a mysterious island. If you are wondering how many battle skills there are for each character in One Piece Odyssey, below we have made a complete list.

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Battle Skills Of Each Character in One Piece Odyssey

There are a total of 9 playable characters, including guest characters, in One Piece Odyssey. The game includes two types of skills, one called “Field Skills” and the other called “Battle Skills.” You can use Field Skills at specific locations to do particular objectives. Whereas Battle Skills are such skills, which you will have to use during combat, so getting to know them is essential. Below you can check out all the Battle Skills for each character in One Piece Odyssey and what it does.

Luffy Battle Skills

Name of SkillDetailsRangeCost
Gum-Gum PistolA powerful punch is unleashed after Luffy stretches his armLong Range40 TP
Gum-Gum BazookaA palm attack is unleashed after stretching both arms and knocking the target to another area.Close Range32 TP
Gum-Gum GattlingA powerful strike that Luffy puts his entire weight behind using his Gum-Gum power.Close Range50 TP
Gear 2Luffy pumps his legs to accelerate the blood coursing through his body and puts him in Gear 2 for five turns.Buff5 TP
Gum-Gum Jet PistolGum-Gum Pistol enhanced with Gear 2Long Range45 TP
Gum-Gum Jet BazookaGum-Gum Bazooka is enhanced with Gear 2 and knocks the target to another area.Close Range70 TP
Gum-Gum Jet WhipLuffy swipes enemies with his leg enhanced with Gear 2.Close Range75 TP

Zoro Battle Skills

Name of SkillDetailsRangeCost
Oni GiriA charging Three-sword technique that slices and causes the target to bleedClose Range12 TP
Tiger TrapA Three-sword technique that swipes down at once and causes the target to bleed.Close Range38 TP
Dragon TwisterA Three-sword technique that creates a tornado and causes the target to bleed.Close Range30 TP
Three Thousand WordsSpins swords like a windmill that slice through an enemy, and cause them to bleed.Close Range80 TP
Lion songThe sword is instantly drawn to slice through and causes the target to bleed.Close Range60 TP
108 Pound PhoenixHe unleashes an aerial slice from his three swords and causes the target to bleed.Long Range50 TP
Charming Demon Sleepless Night OnigiriAn Oni Giri unleashed with such force that the sword appears to ripple and causes the targets to bleed.Close Range65 TP
RashomonHe draws two swords instantly to slice through and causes the target to bleed.Close Range74 TP
Ultra Tiger TrapPowerful Tiger Trap unleashed in a big downward stroke and causes the target to bleed.Close Range110 TP
One Piece odyssey battle skills
Credits- Bandai Namco

Nami Battle Skills

Name of SkillDetailsRangeCost
ThiefStealthily steal berries without drawing attentionClose Range10 TP
Cyclone TempoA skill that buffets a target with a strong air current generated by hot and cold airLong Range20 TP
Mirage TempoCreates a mirage and lets any ally cast on evade an attackLong Range0TP
Thunderbolt TempoA skill that sends a lightning bolt from the cloud she generates and paralyzes the target.All70 TP
Swing ArmSends out electricity with her baton and paralyzes a targetClose range60 TP
Happiness PunchSeductive move exposing her shimmering limbs and charming the target.Close Range50 TP
Mirage Tempo Fata MorganaBends Light to create a clone and confuses the target
All80 TP
Thunder Lance TempoShoots a piercing lightning bolt from the storm cloud she generates and paralyzes the target.All150 TP

Usopp Battle Skills

Name of SkillDetailsRangeCost
Exploding StarAims and fires an exploding pellet that causes burnLong Range10 TP
Rubber Band of DoomDeals heavy damage that easily fools targets that leave them faint
Close Range
Close Range35 TP
Usopp’s HammerStrikes a weak point using a hammerClose Range45 TP
Exploding StarFires an exploding pellet engulfed in flames and leaves the target in a burning state
Longe range70 TP
Smoke StarUse a smoke screen pellet to obscure vision and enchants the targetsLong Range50 TP
Usopp PoundSwings a Giant Hammer and deals a ton of damage leaving the target faintedClose Range60 TP
Sunflower StarFires a pellet that splits and explodes en masse and burns the target.
Long Range65 TP
Golden PoundSwings a giant golden hammer that deals a ton of damage leaving the target fainted
Close Range120 TP
Firebird StarAims and fires a pellet engulfed in flames shaped like a bird and burns all targetsLong Range120 TP

Sanji Battle Skills

Name of SkillDetailsRangeCost
Mouton ShootKicks target all over their body and finish it with a powerful back kick
Close Range18 TP
Basses CoteHard kick to the target’s shoulderClose Range40 TP
Veau ShotLeaps forward for a strong jump kickLong Range50 TP
ConcasserSpins his body and unleashes an axe kick that leaves targets to a faintClose Range67 TP
Party Table Kick CourseA spinning technique in a handstandClose Range85 TP
Premiere Hachea powerful jump kick scorching hot from Diable Jambe and burns the target.
Long Range110 TP
Flambage Shota powerful kick that is even stronger than Diable Jamble that burns a target
Close Range80 

Chopper Battle Skills

Name of SkillDetailsRangeCost
Heal (Single)Heals 50% of the HP of one crew member.
Long Range60 TP
Care (Single)Cures one crewmate’s status ailment and Restores HP by 20%
Long Range40 TP
Arm PointPowerful hoof strike that causes a target to faint
Close Range
17 TP
Cloven RoseoAn Arm Point strike that leaves a mark of a cherry blossom and causes the target to faintClose Range48 TP
Cloven CrossArm Point hoof strike he unleashes by crossing his arms and causes the target to faint.Close range60 TP
Heal (Area)Restores the HP of all crew members in the same area by 70%.
Long Range80 TP
Cloven Roseo MetelUnleashes a cherry blossom storm of Cloven Rose attacks that causes the target to faint.
Close Range
95 TP

Franky Battle Skills

Name of SkillDetailsRangeCost
Weapons LeftFires a machine gun built from his left hand
Close Range25 TP
Cola ChargeIncrease Attack for 3 turnsSelf40 TP
Coup De VentFires a powerful air cannon fueled by cola and kicks opponents to a different areaLong Range118 TP
Strong Cola ChargeGreatly increases ATK for 3 turnsSelf70 TP
Franky Fire BallBreathes out a large fireball from his mouth and burns the target.
Close Range110 TP
Nipple Light SpecialEmits dazzling lights from his nipples to blind targets
Close Range130 TP
Franky CannonRains down a barrage from his shoulder cannons and burns multiple targets
Long Range120 TP
Max Cola ChargeDramatically increases ATK for 3 turnsSelf90 TP
Franky Radical BeamFires A Laser Beam from the holes in his palm that leaves multiple targets burned
All Range230 TP
Franky Iron BoxingSwings his iron fist to unleash a barrage of punches that faint targets.
Close range190 TP

Nico Robin Battle Skills

Name of SkillDetailsRangeCost
Treinta Fleurs FlipSweeps the feet with countless hands she blooms and often causes targets to faint
Long Range28 TP
Dos Fleurs GrabA forbidden move that crushes a man’s sensitive area with bloomed hand.Long Range80 TP
Cien Fleur DelphiniumAttacks with countless hands she blooms from the ground. Knocks target to different area.
Close Range110 TP
Ochenta Fleurs Cuatro Mano ShockAttacks with a giant fist created by combining countless other arms. Often causes the target to faintLong Range110 TP

Apart from the Battle Skills in One Piece Odyssey, it also lets you style your character according to your wish using different outfits each character owns. You can check our article on all the outfits here: One Piece Odyssey: All Accessory Item List – GameRiv

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