Forspoken: How to defeat Altered Goliath

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Forspoken has many different bosses in the open world. However, Goliath is different because of its constant healing. Here is how you can beat him in the game.

Forspoken transport you into a new world called Athia. All manners of magical beasts and creatures can be found in this world. You are given the control of Frey, who can use magic using her wristband called cuff. Throughout its story, you will be fighting a lot of bosses in this game.

There are story bosses, and then there are open-world bosses in Forspoken. Open-world bosses are usually found while roaming around the world. You are free to choose when you want to take on the boss. And there are a lot of them in this world. However, Altered Goliath stands out among them.

Altered Goliath has the ability to heal during combat. This makes him stand out from all the other bosses in the game. It can also be pretty annoying if you try to beat this boss without proper tools. So here is how you can defeat Altered Goliath.

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How to Defeat Altered Goliath in Forspoken

Every enemy in this game has a weak and resistant element to them. Altered Goliath is resistant to purple and red magic. These are the magic you will get first during the story. But since the boss is resistant to it, they will not deal much damage. And since the boss will also heal constantly, resistant magics are really a not good choice for this encounter.

That being said, you can still beat him using red or purple magic if your damage output is higher than the boss’s healing rate. But it is recommended to use blue magic for this encounter. This boss is weak to blue magic. So it will deal a lot of damage and offset the healing of the boss.

Another thing you can use in this encounter is poison. Poison spells come in handy in this situation. Poison the boss at the start of the encounter, then switch to blue magic. The poison will constantly drain the boss’s HP while the boss tries to heal itself. So this offsets Goliath’s healing quite a bit and helps to deal with the boss even faster.

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