Dead Space: How to find the Peng Treasure

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Dead Space: How to find the Peng Treasure

You might want to know where to find the Peng Treasure in Dead Space. Hop in!

The survival horror from the 26th century has returned with an astounding remake. You, being Isaac Clarke, are on the way to fix a broken ship. However, the damaged ship is infested with zombies, and you know how to survive your way out. Glad to see the original soundtrack, along with the vivid lightning effects, are top to the point as it was.

Now, as the original one had the Peng Treasure molded into some fine creation of God, the remake is into the same thought process. Now, this “Peng Treasure” is the kind of prize that you need to find throughout this infested ship. Once you get this, you will be awarded a trophy. Moreover, you can sell this item for some good credits.

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What is Peng Treasure in Dead Space?

Peng Treasure can be put on the same line as the “Fan-service” items. God’s finest creations are on the top of the cover to hold up the attraction. By getting the “There’s Always Peng!” achievement, you might want to sell this item for quite a good amount of credits. And obviously, the true meaning of Peng can go a lot further if we sit for one or two pegs. Who knows what we might come up with by the end of the night.

Well, living this aside, let’s come up with a plan on where we might find this treasure. Let’s get into this.

Where to find Peng Treasure?

As the original one, you will come across the Peng in chapter 11, Alternate Solutions. However, the only difference is that you will have to search in a different location than you first found in the original game.

In this chapter, you, Isaac Clarke, will be given a task as usual. You will need to move the Marker from a large room. However, at first, you need to interact with the Cargo crane. To do that, you must enter the Cargo Bay. You will find Cargo Bay in the Hangar Cargo Team Control area.

From there, you need to take the lift and get down one floor. You will soon meet an Exploder Necromorph. Deal with it, and you will find some crates that you can move with the Kinesis ability. And that is why you need to equip this ability even though you can come across here quite some chapters ago.

Now, clearing the area, you will find some lockers. Into the left-est one, you will find the Peng Treasure. Interacting with it will instantly award you the “There’s Always Peng!” achievement. Now, just sell it for 30k credits. Good enough to fill up ammo stash and health kits.

And that is how you can find the Peng Treasure in Dead Space. Cheerio!

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