Data miners suggest Respawn might be working on cross-platform progression in Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Back in EA’s state of play, Respawn officially confirmed that cross-play is finally coming to Apex Legends this fall.

According to a new leak, Respawn might enable cross-play from September 15th. Cross-play in Apex Legends will finally enable players from different platforms to play against each other in the same lobby. However, Respawn confirmed that only cross-play is coming for the game, not cross-platform progression.

Basically, that means players who play on PC can’t really take their progression into consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch and vice versa. Many players were kind of disappointed as they thought Respawn would also enable them to switch from one platform to another while keeping their progress to themselves.

Respawn might be working on cross-platform progression:

Shrugtal who is one of the most reliable data miners in the Apex Legends data mining scene recently shared some insight which suggests that Respawn might actually be working on cross-platform progression for Apex.

Apex Legends cross platform progression
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However, this is not confirmed by Respawn in any official capacity so take this leak with a grain of salt. Although it seems very reasonable to assume that Respawn would actually at least try to give players an option to switch platform if they really wanted.

Cross-platform progression would be a huge step in the right direction for a game like Apex Legends. As the future of gaming is really cross-platform, having the ability to change platforms in a whim and also keeping all the progression would be really nice for players.

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