Cyberpunk 2077: Where to Find a JoyToy

Rafeed Sultan
By Rafeed Sultan
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Discover pleasure in Cyberpunk 2077 as we unveil all the JoyToy locations.

Embark on an adventure as a freelance cyberpunk operative in Cyberpunk 2077, released by CD PROJEKT RED, and do whatever it takes to carve your legacy in the City.

Pursuing neon allure lights, drugs, and cyber enhancements consumes the flat metropolis of Cyberpunk 2077. However, the game developers were sure to add another entertainment purpose: JoyToy.

You will find a few people offering exceptional services in the Night City, so you have several different romantic options. Most of them provide you with serious relationships that impact the game’s ending, but if you want, no strings attached, Night City offers you the chance to engage in encounters with JoyToys.

We will provide all the information needed to locate JoyToy in Night City. They are:

Standard JoyToy Locations

Standard JoyToy Locations

Standard-priced Joytoy can be found on Jig-Jig Street on West Brook.
This includes two Joytoys, one female and another male. Moreover, they will cost you 100 eddies and show an adult scene as you splatter the cash in the air.

You can return to them as often as you like, as long as you have sufficient eddies and stamina.

Expensive JoyToy Locations

After Act 2, you can have access to expensive JoyToys within the Night City if you have substantial progress on Johnny Silverhand’s side missions. Moreover, you also need to complete the questline that leads to Kerry Eurodyne’s romance.

Once you have met these conditions, you’ll gain access to premium JoyToys.

Expensive JoyToy Locations

To enter the club, use the dark matter fast travel station, make your way inside, and use the elevator to the lounge.

You will see both of them sitting by the bar.

To avail of their services, 3000 eddies are required.

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