Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0: Where to Get Thermal Katana

Rafeed Sultan
By Rafeed Sultan
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Slice and Dice your way using the Thermal Katana in Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0

Cyberpunk, released by CD PROJEKT RED, just received a massive update, 2.0, with a new narrative of DLC known as Phantom Liberty. This update revolutionizes the game’s work and adds cool stuff like special abilities and better cops and armor. Moreover, they have added new weapons, like the Thermal Katana, which is a famed bladed weapon you must have.

This thermal katana, errata, is a sleek, crimson-red-like blade capable of breaking the armor with a chance of toasting your enemies. In the same way, this disrupts the enemy’s cyberware, which makes it a very deadly stylish sword.

So, for people who are aiming to Hack and slash their way through the enemies in Night City, look no further. This guide will help you to find Errata Thermal Katana’s location in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0.

Thermal Katana Location

Thermal Katana Location

To acquire Thermal katana, you must ensure that the Disasterpiece job (where Judy and V have to find Evelyn Parker) is either activated or completed. Otherwise, the entrance to the building will be closed.
Once you’ve completed those steps, follow the steps below:

  • Open your map, and head towards the central-eastern area.
  • Find the spot underneath the bridge between “Republic East” and “Longshore South” fast travel points.
  • Enter the building that says “Electric Corporation” in red and white.
  • Once you are inside, take a right until you see “Sector-0” with stairs attached.
  • Go down the stairs until you reach the door that says “No Entry,” open it, and get inside.
  • Head left of the “Sector-1” and continue straight. You will get inside the dark corridor r with a door on the right at the end.
  • Keep pondering ahead, and you will pass the dark rooms and doors with neon-pink lights, and finally, you will reach the room with Errata Katana.
  • Grabbing the Katana will alert the enemies, so be ready for action.
Thermal Katana Location

Errata Katana Stats

The stats of Errata are:

  • Burn Chance: +30%
  • Armor Penetration: +25%
  • Damage per hit: 105.55
  • Stamina Cost: 6.40
  • Sell Value: 6,852
  • Attack Speed: 2.12
  • Inventory Space: 4.5

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