Cyberpunk 2077: Side With Netwatch Or Voodoo

Rafeed Sultan
By Rafeed Sultan
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In Cyberpunk 2077, you must decide whether to support NetWatch or the Voodoo Boys.

Cyberpunk 2077 by CD PROJEKT RED delivers an extensive futuristic RPG adventure with long-lasting entertainment. Moreover, the game introduces state-of-the-art technology, with refreshed characters and appearances with additional cosmetics.

Furthermore, Cyberpunk 2077 also allows players to change the course of the story through their decisions. And many of these decisions involve picking sides with certain characters or groups.

Now, we will talk about the “I Walk The Line” mission in Cyberpunk 2077, where you must decide on trusting either Voodoo Boys or NetWatch.

After making your way through a deserted mall, you will come to face the Netrunner. Netrunner is the root cause of all the Voodoo Boy’s problems.

Nobody’s a saint here, and players will get a rude awakening if they trust the Voodoo Boys. But there’s a condition on hold, which will be discussed further in this guide.

Siding with NetWatch

Siding with NetWatch

If you want to side with Netwatch, they will inform you that the Voodoo Boys planned to betray you after the mission. However, NetWatch keeps its promise, and Bridgette and TI are returned to the Voodoo Boys.

This means you can leave the situation without any major issues, even though Placide may be disappointed in your decision. Bridgette knows the valuable chip in your head and will lend a hand if she can examine it.

Siding with Voodoo Boys

Siding Voodoo Boys

If you knock out the Agent and jack into him while he’s pinned on the ground. Placide uses you as a relay to burn all the agents, happily trying to end you in the process.

When you return to the mall, you will find Bridgette awake. Both options lead you to the same result in your Cyberpunk 2077 journey.

Best Option


If you side with Netwatch, they will simply eliminate some of the Voodoo Boy guards killed. You, yourself, don’t need to fight anyone, so this is kind of the easy way to escape.

However, you can leave peacefully if you side with the Voodoo Boys. Moreover, in terms of gameplay, this is the best choice, even if the fighting here is quite tricky because there is a Legendary Timeworn Trench Coat jacket from Placide.

There is no choice that the player can make, which is an outright good or bad decision. Moreover, the world of Night City is one where morality is always a gray area, where even the most heinous acts are shoved under the carpet.

But if you ask us, siding with the Voodoo boys is the best choice here. Furthermore, taking down Netwatch agents is pretty easy, so taking sides with Voodoo Boys is better if you’re not making them angry.

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