Cyberpunk 2077: Pickup Mission Best Choices

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What is the best approach to the Pickup Mission in Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 is a dystopian sci-fi RPG set in the near future. Developed by CD Projekt Red, it features a massive and deep storyline like those of the developer’s previous titles.

Furthermore, it showcases freedom of choice as one of its main features, which extends to its quests, whether they are part of the core storyline or side quests. The choices you make during these quests also affect the ending you get. So, it is wise to carefully ponder your decisions rather than mashing the A button to skim through dialogue.

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The story is split into 5 Acts, including the prologue and the epilogue, containing 33 main missions, an Interlude, and another similar half-mission.

One of the main missions is The Pickup. To unlock this quest, you must complete the quest The Ride. There are several ways to approach this mission, such as deciding whether to recruit help or go at it alone.

This guide aims to help you decide which choices result in the best immediate rewards and long-term effects.


Choices in The Pickup

The goal of the quest is to acquire a Militech drone from the Maelstrom gang. In pursuit of this goal, the game offers you a variety of choices that will affect your relationship with various individuals and groups in Night City. These choices include

  • Whether to call Meredith Stout or go through the mission alone.
  • Paying Royce or not.
  • Freeing, killing, or ignoring Brick.
  • Siding with Militech or Maelstrom

In this guide, we have provided details on what the outcome of every decision.

Should you call Meredith Stout?

Should you call Meredith Stout
Credit: CD Projekt Red

If you decide to call Meredith Stout before meeting up with Jackie, she will put a gun to your head. While this may seem inadvisable, calling Meredith results in more options in how you do the quest.

Meredith reveals that she is investigating the attack on the Militech Convo carrying the Flathead drone and suspects her colleague, Adam Gilchrist, of leaking information to Maelstrom.

After you convince her that you don’t know who Gilchrist is, she will give you a credchip that has a tracking device on it. You can decrypt the chip and remove the tracking, but this will prompt Militech to come after you.

If you decide to call Meredith, do not decrypt the chip, and cooperate with her; she will work with you in the future after the mission ends. The credchip also has implications in later parts of the quest.

If you choose not to call Meredith, you must buy the Flathead from Maelstrom using your own money or use more violence. As it is unlikely that you have the cash needed to buy the Flathead this early in the game, a fight with Maelstrom is the most likely outcome.

Telling Jackie to Calm Down

Telling Jackie to Calm Down
Credit: CD Projekt Red

At the beginning of the meeting with Maelstrom, Jackie will be in an excited state, and Maelstrom members will tell him to sit down. You can tell Jackie to calm down; this option will allow the meeting with Maelstrom to progress.

Otherwise, a fight will ensue, resulting in you fighting Royce in a mech. This will allow you to get the Flathead and keep the credchip without spending any money. Furthermore, it results in Meredith convicting Gilchrist.

Should you Pay Royce?

Should you Pay Royce
Credit: CD Projekt Red

If you pay Royce with the decrypted credchip, you will be able to get the Flathead without fighting the Maelstrom or spending your own money. However, you will have to fight your way out through Militech soldiers. If you choose this option you will find out from Gilchrist that Meredith is dead and he’s the one who sent the soldiers.

If you pay Royce with the credchip with the tracking device intact, it will result in a fight with Maelstrom where you have to fight Royce in a mech at the end of it. Furthermore, it results in Meredith convicting Gilchrist.

Paying Royce is the most peaceful outcome as it will not result in a fight with Maelstrom or Militech, However, in this route, Gilchrist wins over Meredith Stout.

You can also choose to shoot Royce, which will result in a gunfight with Maelstrom. However, you will not have to fight Royce in a mech. In this route, Meredith wins over Gilchrist.

Should you Save or Ignore Brick?

If you don’t decrypt the chip, you will find Brick imprisoned in a room.

If you choose to free him, you will receive his help in the side quest Second Conflict. To free him, you’ll have to find a computer which contains his door’s code. Additionally, you will need a Tech skill of 7 to disarm the motion sensor mine threatening him.

You can also ignore Brick and leave him to die. However, his death will not result in any benefits.

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