Cyberpunk 2077: All Side Quests

Muhibul Alam Chowdhury
By Muhibul Alam Chowdhury
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Credit: CD Projekt Red

Here’s a comprehensive list of every side quest you can do in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a dystopian sci-fi RPG set in the near future. Developed by CD Projekt Red, it has a massive amount of content and things to do, just like the developer’s previous games.

Along with a substantial story mode, Cyberpunk has a lot of side content and quests for you to complete. Additionally, these side quests can start with you receiving calls from potential clients, but most appear as markers on the map that you’ll have to investigate, appearing as question marks on the map.

Hence, you will not find a shortage of things to do during your time in Night City. Furthermore, there are 80 side quests in the game, excluding gigs.

While the side quests are not obligatory, they can influence the ending of the game and are also fun to go through and have substantial rewards. So, if you’re a completionist and are looking to go through the side content of Cyberpunk 2077, this guide is for you.

All Side Quests in Cyberpunk 2077

Below, you’ll find a list of every side quest and their objectives, divided by the districts they take place in.

Badlands Side Quests

Job NameSub-District(s)Quest Giver
Epistrophy: BadlandsRed PeaksDelamain
Following the RiverRed PeaksRiver Ward
I’ll Fly AwayRocky RidgeMitch Anderson
Little China
Automatic (if Spellbook was decrypted)
Nix (if Spellbook wasn’t decrypted)
Notice of Expiration (if the shard is read after Ghost Town)
Meetings Along The EdgeJackson PlainsZen Master
Murk Man Returns Again Once More ForeverJackson PlainsAutomatic
Pyramid SongLaguna BendJudy Alvarez
Queen of the HighwayRocky RidgePanam Palmer
Riders on the StormMobile Camp
Rocky Ridge
Sierra Sonora
Panam Palmer
The Beast in Me: BadlandsLaguna Bend
Jackson Plains
Claire Russell
These Boots Are Made for Walkin’Red PeaksThorton Galena 80845
With a Little Help from My FriendsRocky RidgePanam Palmer
Badlands Side Quests

City Center Side Quests

Job NameSub-District(s)Quest Giver
Boat DrinksDowntownKerry Eurodyne
BulletsDowntownZane Jagger
ImagineThe GlenStrange Monk
The Beast in Me: City CenterVista del ReyClaire Russell
City Center Side QUests

Heywood Side Quests

Job NameSub-District(s)Quest Giver
Beat on the Brat: The GlenThe GlenCoach Fred
Don’t Lose Your MindVista del ReyDelamain
EpistrophyVista del ReyDelamain
Epistrophy: The GlenThe GlenDelamain
Epistrophy: WellspringsWellspringsDelamain
HeroesThe GlenMama Welles
I Fought the LawThe Glen
Vista del Rey
Charter Hill
Elizabeth Peralez
Only PainVista del ReyAutomatic
Raymond Chandler EveningThe Glen
Vista del Rey
Pepe Najarro
Small Man, Big MouthThe GlenKirk Sawyer
The HuntThe Glen
Red Peaks
Rocky Ridge
River Ward
Heywood Side Quests

Pacifica Side Quests

Job NameSub-District(s)Quest Giver
Beat on the Brat: PacificaGrand Imperial MallCoach Fred
Epistrophy: CoastviewCoastviewDelamain
Love RollercoasterCoastviewJean Rochelin
pacifica side quests

Santo Domingo Side Quests

Job NameSub-District(s)Quest Giver
A Day In The LifeArroyoDarrell Zhou
A Like SupremeArroyoBes Isis
Beat on the Brat: ArroyoArroyoCoach Fred
Beat on the Brat: Rancho CoronadoRancho CoronadoCoach Fred
Epistrophy: Rancho CoronadoRancho CoronadoDelamain
Ezekiel Saw the WheelArroyoDiner Owner
Gun MusicArroyoAutomatic
Over the EdgeArroyo
Rancho Coronado
Rebel! Rebel!Rancho CoronadoKerry Eurodyne
Sex On WheelsRancho CoronadoJake Estevez
SinnermanArroyoWakako Okada
Space OddityRancho Coronado
Jackson Plains
Stadium LoveRancho CoronadoAutomatic
The Beast In MeArroyoClaire Russell
The Beast in Me: Santo DomingoArroyo
Rancho Coronado
Claire Russell
The HighwaymanRancho CoronadoAutomatic
There Is A Light That Never Goes OutRancho CoronadoJoshua Stephenson
Santa Domingo Side Quests

Watson Side Quests

Job NameSub-District(s)Quest Giver
A Cool Metal FireLittle ChinaJohnny Silverhand
Beat on the BratLittle ChinaCoach Fred
Beat on the Brat: KabukiKabukiCoach Fred
Big in JapanLittle ChinaDennis Cranmer
Blistering LoveLittle ChinaJohnny Silverhand
Both Sides, NowKabukiJudy Alvarez
Burning Desire / Night MovesLittle China
Jesse Johnson
Chippin’ InLittle China
Johnny Silverhand
Epistrophy: NorthsideNorthsideDelamain
Every Breath You TakeKabukiBlue Moon
Fool on the HillLittle ChinaAutomatic
Fortunate SonLittle ChinaBob Sagan
Full DisclosureLittle ChinaSandra Dorsett
Happy TogetherLittle ChinaNCPD
Human NatureLittle ChinaAutomatic
I Don’t Wanna Hear ItLittle ChinaKerry Eurodyne
Machine GunKabukiSkippy
Paid in FullLittle ChinaViktor Vektor
Psycho KillerKabukiRegina Jones
Sacrum Profanum / Losing My ReligionNorthsideBhikkhu
Second ConflictNorthsideJohnny Silverhand
Shoot To ThrillLittle ChinaRobert Wilson
SpellboundLittle China
Charter Hill
Talkin’ ’bout a RevolutionKabukiJudy Alvarez
The GiftKabukiT-Bug
The GunLittle ChinaRobert Wilson
The Prophet’s SongKabukiGarry the Prophet
Tune UpLittle ChinaDelamain
Venus in FursKabukiMeredith Stout
Little China
Lizzy Wizzy
War PigsKabukiFrank Nostra
WAtson SIde Quests

Keep in mind that number of side quests is expected to substantially increase with the upcoming Phantom Liberty expansion.

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