Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: How to Take the Chimera’s Core

Rafeed Sultan
By Rafeed Sultan
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Scoop a little bit of loot by taking the Chimera’s Core in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty was released by CD PROJEKT RED, which introduces new missions, loots, and faces. Players will encounter multiple unique and challenging bosses in Cyberpunk 2077, and Phantom Liberty is no different.

At the start of the “Lucretia My Reflection” mission in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, you’ll receive an optional mission to collect the Chimera’s core. Moreover, you must fight against The Chimera (Spider and the Fly) in a long, intense battle.

But at the end of the battle, the players can grab the loot, which is worth all the trouble you went through. As this item may be helpful later in the game, this guide will help you locate the Chimera’s Core.

Chimera’s Core Location

After defeating the chimera, the core ripped out is somewhere on the ground, which doesn’t show in your HUD.

Chimera's Core Location

It will be right under your feet, shockingly hard to spot.

You will find the core between the tank and where Meyers goes to stand.

Chimera's Core Location

Chimera’s Core Weapon Mods

The chimera offers the opportunity to create four different potential mods that can be applied only once. These modifications provided by the Chimera are as follows:

  • Hackatomy (Smart Weapon Mod): There’s a +5% chance to apply a quick hack effect. The type of effect depends on the body hit marker.
  • Wallpuncher (Tech Weapon Mod): You can charge the weapon to 200% capacity without increasing charge time. It also has +100% Armor penetration—no penalty for penetrating cover.
  • Severance (Melee Weapon Mod): When an enemy is below 50% Health, each hit to their head or limbs has a 20% chance to dissect and instantly kill.
  • Firecracker (Power Weapon Mod): Shoots explosive rounds

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