Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get Legendary Monowire Early

Asil Ahsan
By Asil Ahsan
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Credits: CD Projekt RED

Wondering how to get legendary Monowire early but don’t have the money to purchase it from a ripperdoc? Then follow this guide.

The monowire is one of the most unique and fun cyberware you can get in Cyberpunk 2077. If you are just starting out with the game and don’t have enough eddies for the high cost of this legendary gear, then don’t worry. There is a much easier way to obtain a legendary Monowire than blowing all your credits on one.

If you want to get overpowered early in Night City, then getting legendary gear is a good first step, especially if you plan on taking on the streets with nothing but your bare arms. And CDPR has left some interesting goods in different corners of the city.

You should at least progress the story a bit or explore the map yourself to utilize this guide fully, but if you are feeling like taking a challenge, then you can go ahead and get a legendary Monowire early. It is located in a garage quite near to where you are starting the game.

Remember, the drop can change from time to time. So, make a save before you open the crate and reload until you get the Monowire.

How to Get Legendary Monowire

Below are the steps you must follow to locate the Monowire.

Step 1: Find the Fast Travel Point

Monowire Location Charter ST
Credit: CD Projekt Red

If you have unlocked all the fast travel locations in Night City, then finding the legendary Monowire early becomes significantly easy. But if you haven’t, then you will need to go to Watson and find the ‘Charter ST’ fast travel location.

The fast travel point isn’t that far, to be honest. Just head north-east from your home, and you will come across the fast travel marker shortly.

Step 2: Reach the Garage Location

Once you have traveled to Charter ST., you will need to go right until you see the road splitting into two halves. The left lane will be on a downward slope.

Right before the road goes left, there will be a half-wrecked vehicle on the left side. There will be some bags and rubbish around the car as well.

Climb the rubbish, and you should be able to go over the fence by jumping. There will be a garage door switch under a billboard.

Step 3: Open the Door & Get the Prize

Now, just open the door, and inside, you will see a crate. In that crate, you will find the item you have been looking for: the prized legendary Monowire.

There you have it. This is how you can get legendary Monowire early in the game without paying a ripper doc thousands of credits.

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