Cyberpunk 2077: All Gigs

Muhibul Alam Chowdhury
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Every gig you can complete in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a dystopian sci-fi RPG set in the near future. You play as V, a gun-for-hire based in Night City, the most violent metropolis of the corporate future the game takes place in. Therefore, you receive a lot of jobs or ‘gigs’ to complete as you make your way through the main story.

Like the developer’s previous titles, Cyberpunk 2077 is a massive game. Along with a long main story, it has a plethora of side content, including these gigs. You can receive gigs from different fixers based on where the gig takes place.

Additionally, gigs can give substantial rewards, including cash, XP, street cred, weapons, and other items. Furthermore, there are 6 types of gigs so that they can produce a variety of gameplay styles and experiences.

This guide aims to inform you of the types of gigs and a detailed list of all the gigs you can do.

Types of Gigs in Cyberpunk 2077

There are 6 types of gigs. They are:

  • Gun for Hire: Gigs where you need to neutralize through any means necessary. However, you are asked to remain non-lethal, which gives a bonus reward.
  • Agent Saboteur: Gigs where you need to sabotage a target. Usually, it involves infiltrating a location and uploading a virus. Also, they mostly require you to remain undetected for better rewards.
  • Special Delivery (Convoy): Gigs where you must transport vehicles from one location to another.
  • Search and Recover: Gigs where you need to find an item for the client and leave it at the drop point. Mostly involves infiltrating an area to search for the item, usually in the possession of an enemy.
  • SOS: Merc Needed: Involves infiltrating an area and rescuing your client. Gives better rewards if you remain undetected from hostiles.
  • Thievery: Much like Search and Recover. The difference is that many more hostiles are involved, and you must remain hidden.

List of Gigs in Cyberpunk 2077

Below is a list of all gigs divided by the districts they take place in.

Badlands Gigs

These gigs are given to you by Dakota Smith, Badland’s fixer

Gig NameGig TypeSub-District(s)Location(s)
Big Pete’s Got Big ProblemsGun for HireJackson PlainsAutowerks
Dancing on a MinefieldSpecial DeliveryVasquez PassNearest road off Interstate 9
Flying DrugsAgent SaboteurRed PeaksUnion RR
Goodbye, Night CitySOS: Merc NeededJackson PlainsCoachwhip Ln.
MIASOS: Merc NeededBiotechnica FlatsClements St.
No FixersSOS: Merc NeededRocky RidgeEdgewood Ln.
Radar LoveThieveryRocky RidgeMilitech base at Lone Star Motel
Sparring PartnerThieveryRed PeaksWarbler Lake Hazardous Waste Facility, Anderson St.
Trevor’s Last RideSOS: Merc NeededBiotechnica FlatsHighway 101
Badlands gigs

City Center Gigs

These gigs are given to you by Dino Dinovic, City Center’s fixer.

Gig NameGig TypeSub-District(s)Location(s)
A Lack of EmpathyAgent SaboteurCorpo PlazaEmpathy
An Inconvenient KillerGun for HireDowntown7th Hell Club, corner of Corporation St. and Ringroad West
Guinea PigsGun for HireDowntownBiotechnica corporate hotel, on Republic Way
Serial SuicideThieveryCorpo PlazaMemorial Park Station
The Frolics of Councilwoman ColeThieveryDowntownMarina, Cannery Row
City Center GIgs

Heywood Gigs

These gigs are given to you by Sebastian Ibarra, Heywood’s fixer. Except one, Hot Merchandise, which is given by Rogue Amendiares.

Gig NameGig TypeSub-District(s)Location(s)
Bring Me the Head of Gustavo OrtaGun for HireVista del Rey
Corpo Plaza
Building on Petrel St.
Eye for an EyeGun for HireThe GlenCondo on the corner of Scoffield and Sinkyone St.
Fifth ColumnThieveryThe GlenEl Pinche Pollo Restaurant
Going Up or Down?ThieveryThe GlenMegabuilding H1, Congress St.
Hot MerchandiseGun for HireWellspringsData Inc. Store in Heywood
JeopardySearch and RecoverVista del Rey
The Glen
La Catrina Crematorium, intersection of Phalarope and Plover St.
Life’s WorkSearch and RecoverThe GlenMcBride St.
Old FriendsGun for HireVista del ReyDive bar on the corner of Congress and Pigeon st.
On a Tight LeashGun for HireWellspringsBus Depot on Benko St.
PsychofanThieveryThe GlenApartment building on Lobos St, 17th floor, apt. 1702.
Sr. Ladrillo’s Private CollectionThieveryVista del ReyDicky Twister, corner of Congress and Pajaro St.
The Lord Giveth and Taketh AwaySearch and RecoverWellspringsGarage on Russell St.
Heywood gigs

Pacifica Gigs

Pacifica has one gig which is given to you by Mr. Hands.

Gig NameGIg TypeSub-District(s)Location(s)
Two Wrongs Makes Us RightThieveryWest Wind EstateBaptiste St.
PAcifica gigs

Santo Domingo Gigs

These gigs are given by Muamar “El Capitan” Reyes, Santo Domingo’s fixer. Except one, The Union Strikes Back, which is given by Rogue Amendiares.

Gig NameGig TypeSub-District(s)Location(s)
Breaking NewsAgent SaboteurRancho CoronadoKendachi Factory, Arroyo
Cuckoo’s NestSOS: Merc NeededRancho CoronadoPsychiatric ward on Sequoia St.
Family MattersSearch and RecoverRancho CoronadoHouse on Gibson St.
For My SonGun for HireRancho CoronadoOld Paint Factory on Baptiste St.
Going-away PartySOS: Merc NeededRancho CoronadoMallagra St.
Hacking the HackerAgent SaboteurArroyo6th Street hideout on MLK Blvd
Race to the TopThieveryArroyoKendachi Factory, El Camino Rd
Serious Side EffectsSearch and RecoverArroyoDewdrop Inn
Severance PackageThieveryArroyoCytech Factory on Olivia St.
The Union Strikes BackGun for HireRancho CoronadoCarsten St, Rancho Coronado
santo domingo gigs

Watson Gigs

These gigs are given by Regina Jones, Watson’s fixer.

Gig NameGig TypeSub-District(s)Location(s)
Backs Against the WallSearch and RecoverKabukiHousing block on Columbus St.
BloodsportSOS: Merc NeededLittle ChinaTyger Claws dojo on Brookland St.
Catch a Tyger’s ToeAgent SaboteurNorthsideMegabuilding H11
Dirty BizThieveryNorthsideBuildings off Shipyard Way
Fixer, Merc, Soldier, SpyThieveryKabukiHotel Raito on Adams St.
Flight of the CheetahSOS: Merc NeededNorthsideMotel, Martin St.
Freedom of the PressSOS: Merc NeededNorthsidethe old broadcast TV in Northside[sic]
Hippocratic OathSOS: Merc NeededNorthsideClean Cut clinic on Longshore North St.
Last LoginThieveryKabukiHousing block on Eisenhower St.
Lousy KleppersThieveryNorthsideWarehouse, Offshore St.
Many Ways to Skin a CatThieveryNorthsideRevere Courier Services warehouse on Martin St.
Monster HuntGun for HireKabukiHo-Oh club on Allen St.
Occupational HazardSOS: Merc NeededNorthsideMox warehouse on Longshore North
Playing for KeepsSearch and RecoverLittle ChinaKashuu Hanten Bar, Clarendon St.
Rite of PassageThieveryNorthsideDaniels St.
Scrolls before SwineThieveryNorthsideMaelstrom warehouse on the corner of Industrial and Eisenhower St.
Shark in the WaterGun for HireKabukiAoba on O’Malley Place St.
Small Man, Big EvilGun for HireKabukiRooftop slums near Allen St.
The Heisenberg PrincipleAgent SaboteurLittle ChinaBuilding on Rovinj St.
Troublesome NeighborsGun fore HireKabukiResidence building at Cortes and Kennedy St.
Welcome to America, ComradeAgent SaboteurKabukiKabuki port
Woman of La ManchaGun for HireKabukiKabuki market
Watson gigs

Westbrook Gigs

These are given to you by Wakako Okada, Westbrook’s fixer. Except one, Family Heirloom, which is given by Rogue Amendiares.

Gig NameGig TypeSub-District(s)Location(s)
Family HeirloomSearch and RecoverCharter HillParking lot on Crockett St.
Tyger and VultureThieveryCharter HillTyger Claws’ casino on Longshore South
Until Death Do Us PartThieveryCharter HillApartment on Palm St.
Westbrook gigs

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