CSGO gets hit with the biggest VAC/OW ban wave in the entire public record of the game

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image credit: Valve

The cheating problem in CSGO has been pretty severe in the last couple of months.

Valve already tried some tactics like the trusted mode that would work in conjunction with VAC(Valve anti-cheat) to eliminate the cheaters from the game. However, the cheating problem became more widespread after the update that enabled this new trusted mode. Hackers were somehow able to easily bypass their new protection system.

Image via convars.com

As a result, cheating was more common after the update went live. Although it seems like Valve finally did something right as CSGO just got hit with the biggest VAC ban wave in the entire public record of this game. There were already some ban waves in the past. However, this time around they decided to go all in.

CSGO has been hit with a massive ban wave:


Players already started to rejoice as the number of bans was really high. The new VAC ban wave hit 51620 accounts on August 13th. As a result, there are now 51620 fewer cheaters in the game.

Even though CSGO is now a free-to-play and hackers can always make a new ID or use a spoofer, this is still a pretty big win for both Valve and its players that enjoy the competitive integrity of this title. The fight against cheaters in online FPS games will always be difficult.

As hackers can always get around any anti-cheat solution no matter how robust it actually is, the anti-cheat department at Valve will have to keep up the good work in order to keep the game competitively intact.

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