The new Trusted mode update in CS:GO has apparently made cheating more widespread in the game

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
3 Min Read
Image Credit: Valve

Just a few weeks ago Valve released a new update for CS:GO that introduced us with the new Trusted mode that would work in conjunction with Valve’s anti-cheat solution called “VAC” to fight against the overwhelming amount of cheaters in the game.

However, as it turns out Valve’s new plan to fight against the cheaters is not going according to the plan as many players are complaining that cheaters are now more widespread after the latest update. The situation is so bad right now that most players are now experiencing a sudden spike in the number of cheaters in the game.

The “Trust score” system that would rate each individual player in the game based upon if they ever cheated in the game or violated any rules seemed really good at first glance. Even though the launch of this system was rocky and faced some complications during the early phase, most players were still very optimistic about Valve’s new approach to fighting against cheaters in the game.

After the update, it seemed like players were actually facing more cheaters. Consequently, players started to use every possible social media platform to share their frustrations with the game.

Since players have been complaining about the cheater problem in counter-strike for a long time now, Valve took some bold steps to address all these players’ concerns and implemented the “Trust mode“. However, it seems like there is more work to be done before this new model becomes more effective in dealing with cheaters.

Cheating in an online FPS game will always be an ongoing battle for the developers. No matter how robust your anti-cheat solution is, the cheaters will always find a workaround. Therefore, the developers have to be more vigilant than before if they want to at least put up a fair fight.

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