Higher tick rate in CS:GO apparently makes your gun more accurate

High tick servers apparently make your spray more accurate

A new observation from a modder revealed that a higher tick rate server makes your gun more accurate in CSGO.

Ever since the closed beta for VALORANT came out a few months ago, there was already a rumor from a couple of sources that claimed Valve is also planning to introduce source 2 paired with 128 tick servers really soon. However, as it turns out, Valve allegedly canceled source 2 for CSGO in a recent company meeting.

A source engine modder recently revealed that higher tick servers make your shot more accurate. For example: when you spray in the game the higher tick rate makes the idle accuracy faster. And as a result, your shots seem more accurate compared to a lower tick server.

Is this just a bug?

While it is still not clear why CS:GO seems more accurate while spraying in 128 tick servers, some players still think that it is just a classic source engine bug. Since high tick servers like 128 usually transmit more information at the same time than their lower tick counterparts, many players in the community now believe a higher tick rate actually makes your shots more accurate.

It’s known that grenades have a different trajectory on 128 for the same reasons.. I don’t think it’s because 128 makes them more precise.. It wouldn’t make sense… Perhaps something could be wrong in their maths.

Zool on twitter

As of now, there is no clear answer to that question. It is already a common knowledge among players that spraying in two tick rates is slightly different from each other. Many former professional CSGO players like n0thing usually mention the disparity between different tick rates on a consistent basis.

Apparently the difference is more noticeable when comparing them with 20-tick vs 128-tick. However, the difference is minor between 64-tick and 128-tick servers.


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