Crypto is possibly the next one in line after Mirage to get some decent buffs/rework in Apex

Crypto might get a buff pretty soon

Crypto was released with the launch of season three of Apex Legends back in 2019.

While season three introduced us with a new map Worlds Edge and a lot of positive additions to the game, everyone unanimously agreed that Crypto was utterly useless in most scenarios. Since Apex Legends combat usually favors more aggressive playstyle, Crypto’s passive playstyle did not resonate with everyone. As such many players deemed him to be a huge disappointment.

Although after some buffs later now in season 5, things are still not that great for Crypto. Even though you will spot more Crypto players out in the wild, it is still pretty few and far between. And in the ranked mode, there are some sighting of Crypto but like normal public matches, they are very rare.

Image via Respawn

Almost everyone in the community agrees that Crypto needs some kind of buffs or rework just like Mirage. Mirage’s rework completely changed how normal public matches are being played right now. Consequently, Mirage’s usage rate has seen a huge boost recently with the release of the new season.

Crypto is next in line for a buff?

After seeing buffs to such characters like Mirage, Revenant, Bloodhound, etc, players were wondering if Crypto will ever get that special treatment from Respawn. As it turns out Respawn’s design director also thinks Crypto is in dire need of a buff or some kind of rework.

Some Apex fans have already made some suggestions of what that buff/ rework might look like. However, with everything going on right now, it will be difficult for Respawn to add more content and adjustment to Apex.

In the current state of Apex, the game as a whole is now way more balances in terms of its characters than ever before. And if Respawn ever decides to buff Crypto, it would definitely make Crypto mains happy.

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