Apex Fan Came up with an Amusing New Surveillance Concept for Crypto

This concept for Crypto looks really good

Crypto the surveillance expert was introduced in Apex Legends back in season 3. Apex fan came up with a new concept for a new “Surveillance” mode for the drone.

As soon as Crypto launched many Apex fans were a little bit underwhelmed as the character-focused a little bit more on the passive side. Crypto is best suitable for a non-aggressive play style that many Apex Legends fans simply don’t like that much.

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The matter of the fact was Crypto’s abilities were a little bit underpowered even after the buffs made to the drone hitpoints. This Reddit user came up with a cool new concept for the Legend that will tell him how many squads are nearby without looking at the banner as usual.

Crypto’s New Surveillance Mode

Crypto Surveillance mode concept
Crypto new Surveillance mode concept

Basically this will enable Crypto users to get a live number of squads that are within the range of the drone as long as it is in the range. This will warn players of any potential third party that may be lurking behind. Or just give a warning if there are just too many squads in a particular area.

Having such a useful tool in Crypto’s hand will definitely increase his usage rate which at the moment sits at the bottom of the spectrum. Third parties in Apex Legends has been a huge matter of contempt among players from day one. Maybe this will counteract this problem a bit if possible.

If Respawn decides to consider this change it may bring a new layer of strategy into the game. Apex’s new season is now live with exciting new offerings. Respawn already has made an assurance that more changes will come to the Legends in this season. We will just have to wait and see if Respawn ever implements this buff to Crypto.

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