Apex fan-created unique daily challenges for anyone who is still stuck in quarantine

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Apex Legends is one of the most popular FPS battle royale game with hero shooter elements mixed in.

Despite all the game modes that are available in this game, the game can still begin to feel a little boring after playing in the same two maps over and over again. Since most of the people on earth are still in quarantine, players are starting to get really bored with almost all sorts of games. Therefore to give these normal matches an extra layer of spice, Reddit user u/1075701 decided to create daily challenges to make every match feel as different as possible.

Apex fan made daily challenges
Image via u/1075701

No game shall feel the same

With the launch of a new season in Apex Legends, the first few weeks are really exciting as everyone usually rushes in and grinds the battle pass to level 100. By the time you level everything to the max, you probably have seen everything that this season has to offer. As a result, entering a match can sometimes feel like a drag if there is no new content added to the game like events or limited game modes, etc.

And if the quarantine is already making things really difficult for you then you should definitely try these daily challenges to make things a little more interesting. While these will not make everything better all of a sudden, this should at least give your mind an escape from everything that is going on around the world.

However, it should not take long for Respawn to announce the upcoming event called “Treasure Hunter” according to the new leaks. Until the event arrives, give some of these daily challenges a try.

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