A new leak suggests “Treasure Hunter” will be the next event in Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Recently one of the most reliable Apex data miners revealed new information that confirms that the name of the next big event will be “Treasure Hunter”.

Just like all the other previous events, this event will also feature new event-specific loot boxes that will contain more exclusive weapons and character skins. The leak suggests that the treasure hunter event will be more focused on getting these treasure packs. Although all the previous big events have been in the form of a town takeover. These towns take over are usually specifically themed around a legend like Mirage Voyage, or Octanes gauntlet, etc.

As usual, the event-specific treasure packs will have their own unique outlook based on the event’s theme. Judging by the name of the event, this event could be based on Loba as she has quite an affinity towards treasures. On that note, there was another leak last month that also suggested Loba picking up some type of object from a platform.

After taking a closer look at the loot tick, it appears to be coated in some kind of Gold and copper color scheme. Furthermore, there appears to be some kind of compass-like design embedded in these loot ticks.

Apparently the leakers also found some map textures on the Worlds Edge map in Apex Legends suggesting some big change is coming to these locations.

With all the information leaked so far, it seems that the next event will have a lot of story bits that will have a direct impact on the whole lore of Apex Legends. Apex fans have been waiting patiently for more official confirmation from Respawn regarding the event.

Events in Apex Legends have always been quite a hit or miss in terms of quality. The previous event before season 5 “The old ways” was bashed by the fans for being too boring. Although Respawn did try to add PvP to add some extra spice to the gameplay. Maybe with the new event “Treasure Hunter” they can bounce back.

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