Japanese streamer fps_shaka collapsed while streaming Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: fps_shaka twitch

One of the top Japanese streamer fps_shaka known for streaming mainly first-person shooter games has been seen blacking out live on twitch.

Shaka is known for his talent for FPS games in general. Back in the PUBG days, he used to stream PUBG a lot. Although now he has been seen streaming a variety of games like Apex Legends, hand simulator, etc. Recently when he was streaming Apex Legends live on twitch, he suddenly passed out and fell in front of his desk.

As soon as he got back up, instead of calling it a day and visiting a hospital, he decided to play some lighter game to relax. This is not the first time that something like that happened to him.

According to his twitter, this has happened 10 times before or so, during morning meetings at the company or coming home after eating. Furthermore, he also says that back when it happened at the company, he went to the doctor, but he can’t remember what the disease was called.

He believes it’s a vagus nerve reflex, later he went to the hospital for an MRI scan. MRI scan showed no problems with the brain tissue or blood vessels. It seems to be an intolerance to orthostatic blood pressure drops. Put simply it is when you blackout from standing up too fast, from lack of exercise. Although It seems strange that he got it while sitting down.

Many of his fans pointed out that he looked extremely malnourished in his chat. To be clear he always has been like that. There might be a correlation between him passing out and his low blood pressure. Special mention goes to Xanimus for helping with the Japanese translation.

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