Cross-progression is Confirmed to be Coming to Apex Legends in Season 19

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After waiting for so long, the cross-progression is finally coming to the game. However, it is not what everyone hoped for.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. There was also a mobile version of Apex Legends that was shut down early this year.

Leaving the mobile version aside, the PC, console, and Nintendo versions of Apex Legends share identical features. Moreover, PC and console players can cross-play if they choose to do so.

However, regardless of where you play the game, you need a separate account to log in to different platforms, making it somewhat irritating for the players who enjoy the game on both PC and console.

As a result, players have been asking for cross-progression for a long time. The developers also promised to give players cross-progression. However, they kept delaying the release, saying they’d need more time. Fortunately, the wait may be over, as Respawn confirmed it would be coming with the launch of Season 19.

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Cross-Progression in Season 19: Simplified

With the Apex Legends Season 19 launch announcement, Respawn shared all the information regarding cross-progression. Here’s what Respawn has shared so far:

Starting with Ignite, cross-progression will be rolling out in waves to existing platforms. As the cross-progression will be rolling out in phases, you may not immediately be able to start account merging with Day 1 of Ignite.

When your time comes, you’ll be displayed an in-game prompt. And you can start migrating your content and progression using that. You may choose not to start the migration immediately when the prompt appears. However, your account will migrate automatically at a later date. So, it is mandatory.

There was a debate about whether account merging would also come with the cross-progression. Yes, Respawn confirmed that the account merging will happen. However, the nature of merging is a bit complicated. And it will be different for different features and content (cosmetics, currencies, and progression/stats) in the game.

Apex Legends Cross Progression
Credit: Ea

Here’s how the merging will happen across different content and features:

Content and Cosmetics

Unlocked Legends and inventory will be the same across platforms except for platform exclusives, including gifted items.

Limited to PlayStation PS+ Pack Items 
Limited to XboxXbox Founder’s Edition
Xbox Gold Items
Limited to Nintendo P.A.T.H. Legendary Skin

PS+ and Xbox Gold items may be similar. They will be limited to the platform they were earned on unless they were earned on both platforms.

Note: the current Apex Legends EA Play Subscription Rewards must be redeemed by October 31, 2023. They will not be available after this date in preparation for Cross Progression’s launch.


CurrencyWhat Happens
Apex CoinsPC/Xbox/PlayStation: same balance across platforms
Nintendo: purchases and earned remain exclusive to Nintendo
Crafting MaterialsEA Account bound: same balance across platforms
Legend Tokens
Heirloom Shards


ProgressionWhat Happens
1st Party Platform Achievements/TrophiesLocked to each platform, but progress based achievements/trophies will unlock after accounts are linked
Ranked LeaderboardsLocked to each platform
Challenges Completed (Rewards/BP)EA Account bound: same across platforms
Prize Tracks

Note: Stats cannot be merged across platforms so that they will default to your primary profile. Any badges tied to stats from other profiles merged into your EA account may not be available.

Common FAQs Regarding Cross-Progression

1. Can I opt out of the cross-progression?

Answer: NO. It is mandatory.

2. Will my Apex Coins, Crafting Materials, and Legend Tokens add up?

Answer: NO. Only your primary account’s coins, stats, and content will go forward. The primary account will be determined by the account with the highest level.

3. What will happen to my levels?

Answer: Your highest-level account will go forward. For example, if you have two accounts, one with 200 levels and one with 500, the account with 500 levels will be your main account. You won’t get to choose a main account.

4. How are Apex Coins being treated on each platform?

Answer: All Apex Coins acquired on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation will be merged into one wallet, and these can be spent on any of the aforementioned platforms. Apex Coins on Nintendo Switch will always remain separate as they can only be spent on that platform. However, new non-exclusive content purchased on the Nintendo Switch is shared with all platforms—and vice versa.

5. How do my cosmetics work across platforms after cross-progression?

Answer: Except for some notable exceptions, all content (including unlocked Legends and cosmetics) is available on all platforms, regardless of the platform they were originally unlocked on. Exceptions include PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold exclusive content, as well as the exclusive Nintendo Switch Pathfinder skin available to all Nintendo Switch users when Apex Legends launched on that platform. Exclusive platform content of this nature will remain locked to the platform in question.

There is also a small subset of content that is tied to stats, such as achievement badges from Apex Legend’s earlier seasons. As we are not merging stats from non-primary accounts, access to these badges through the primary account may be unavailable. 

6. I have duplicate content on multiple profiles. Will I be refunded for this?

Answer: Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued for content acquired multiple times. The content will not appear twice in your inventory.

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