Newcastle will be the Next Legend to Receive Heirloom in Season 19

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: EA

Newcastle will join the roster of Legends with Heirlooms in the Apex Games.

Season 19 is soon to be upon us. The main event of the season looks at the new Legend, Conduit, who is a support character for your shields. Alongside that, other leaks suggest that Loba will also receive a prestige skin. Overall, it is set to be packed with content.

Newer information also suggests that Newcastle is set to receive an Heirloom in the next season as well. This means that Season 19 will include a prestige skin, a new legend, and finally, Newastle’s long-awaited Heirloom.

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Newcastle Heirloom is Up Next

Once again, leaks have revealed what is up next for Apex Legends. Newcastle’s Heirloom is rumored to be the next item added. Newcastle is one of the five remaining Legends not to receive an Heirloom. According to Twitter user Osvaldatore, the new heirloom is going to be a sword variant.

Supposedly, the leak came from a playtester who was relieved of his duties. The person then took to Reddit and leaked some information about the upcoming projects for Season 19. The leaks are usually reliable, and that would make the Newcastle Heirloom the 20th unique set added to the roster.

The added detail of the item being a sword seems to be relevant as well since Bangalore’s Heirloom is a Pilot’s Knife. The thematic convergence seems to be a nice touch, as the big brother will use a sword while the younger sister goes with the smaller knife.

When will Newcastle’s Heirloom be released?

Season 19 seems to be when the content will drop. However, this is all just speculation. Resurrection is almost at a close, and there is a lot of content being leaked for the upcoming season of Apex Legends. From prestige skins to heirlooms, it’s not too far-fetched to assume not every leak will come true, but an Heirloom should be on the priority list for Respawn.

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