Coven Skin Trailer Accidentally Leaked By Riot Vietnam

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has accidentally revealed the trailer for one of the most anticipated upcoming skin lines, Coven.

This year has been very exciting regarding cosmetics in League of Legends. We have gotten many new and well-designed skin lines. Some of them are Inkshadow, Soul Fighter, Broken Covenant, etc.

Additionally, Riot also made more recent iterations of some older skin lines, like Nightbringer vs Dawnbringer, Snow Moon, Shan Hai Scrolls, etc. And they aren’t stopping any time soon. Leaks were circulating that Riot would make a newer iteration of the beloved Coven skin line.

Coven is one of the most popular skin lines in League of Legends. It is part of the Eclipse alternative universe. Some other Eclipse skin lines include Elderwood, Eclipse, Death Blossom, and Omen of the Dark. The Coven skin line holds some of the well-loved skin in the entire game, like Coven Morgana, Coven Evelynn, Old God Warwick, The Thousand-Pierced Bear, etc.

Alongside the leaks, we also knew which champion would receive this skin. So, the player base was generally excited to see how their favorite champion might look like in the Coven skin.

And recently, Riot Games Vietnam accidentally revealed the trailer earlier than expected.

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Coven 2023 Trailer Leaked

coven league of legends
Image Credits: Riot Games

The official League of Legends Vietnam YouTube channel accidentally set the Coven 2023 trailer on premiere early. Due to this, we know the proper release date of the trailer. Furthermore, the trailer also details all the champions who would receive this skin.

Firstly, according to the premiere, the trailer would officially release at 4 PM BST. It would be released at 8 AM PST or 5 PM CET in other time zones. However, as the trailer has been leaked early, it won’t be unusual if Riot wants to delay the release date.

And for who will be part of the skin line, all confirmed champion skins are,

  • Coven Nami (Legendary)
  • Coven Elise
  • Coven Akali
  • Coven Syndra
  • Coven Nilah
  • Old God Mordekaiser

Initially, players expected Syndra to receive the Legendary skin of the skin line. However, according to SkinSpotlights, Coven Nami would be the legendary skin.

Release Date

There is currently no official release date for when Coven 2023 will be released. But the skin line will likely be released on the next major League of Legends update, Patch 13.20, scheduled for Wednesday, Oct 12, 2023.

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