Cloud9, MAD, & GAM Esports Eliminated From Worlds 2023

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Cloud9, MAD Lions, and GAM Esports are the newest teams to be eliminated from Worlds 2023.

Worlds 2023 has been an amazing event thus far. We have seen some of the best League of Legends teams in the world compete against each other.

Till now, we have seen the play-ins and most of the Swiss Stage matches. From play-ins, we have seen Team BDS and GAM Esports Qualify for the Swiss Stage. Between them, Team BDS was a fan-favorite team.

And in the Swiss Stage, we haven’t seen many teams get disqualified just yet. However, the first two teams to be disqualified are NA’s third seed, Team Liquid, and EMEA’s Team BDS. While many players hoped that Team BDS would stick around for much longer, unfortunately, they were disqualified relatively fast.

As the last day of the match between 1-2 pool teams happened today, we have seen three more teams get disqualified in the tournament. They are Cloud9, MAD Lions, and GAM Esports.

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Cloud9 VS Fnatic

Ever since the start of the Swiss Stage, C9 hasn’t been having a great tournament. Till now, they have only won against EU’s MAD Lions. Not only that, but they also had the most embarrassing match in the entire tournament. In their last match against T1, they couldn’t manage a single kill against them. Thus, T1 managed to win the game with perfect KDA. Moreover, the game ended with T1 having 15 kills and C9 with 0.

After that humiliating game, they faced off against EU’s 2nd seed Fnatic. It was a best-of-3 game. And C9 managed to win the first round with a huge lead. However, even with the lead, it took them a lot of time to finish the match. Regardless, they won the round. So, hope wasn’t still over for the North American team.

In the second round, C9 had a very great early lead before 15 minutes. However, in the end, Fnatic’s ADC, Noah, managed to get fed with his Zeri. And with that, they managed to beat Cloud 9 in the second round.

All hopes are not yet lost for the team as the third round was still remaining. If Cloud 9 manages to win this round, then they will be able to compete in the next round in the Swiss Stage.

Even in the 3rd round, C9 had a huge early game lead. But even so, they did not manage to get a single dragon. Thus, Fnatic snowballed the game to victory. And Cloud9 was eliminated from the Worlds 2023.

cloud9 league of legends
Image Credits: Riot Games

MAD Lions VS WeiboGaming

Up next, we saw EU’s MAD Lions vs China’s WeiboGaming. Similar to C9, MAD Lions won against one team, and that is Team BDS. Besides that, they haven’t won a single match on the Swiss Stage. Moreover, they also lost against Cloud 9 as well.

In the first round, Weibo gained the early lead very easily. But thanks to MAD Lions’ mid-laner Nisqy, they were making a comeback in the mid-game. But even though Nisqy was ahead, the rest of the team wasn’t doing well at all. Moreover, WBG’s ADC Light was fully fed during the entire match. Thus, in the end, they couldn’t win the first round.

In the second round, while MAD’s jungler Elyoya had a huge lead, unfortunately for MAD, WBG’s both top laner and ADC were even more fed. Furthermore, WBG even had all the early dragons. In the end, MAD Lions couldn’t win a single round; thus, they were disqualified, and WeiboGaming advanced to the next match of the Swiss Stage.

mad lions
Image Credits: Riot Games

Dplus Kia VS GAM Esports

The next day, we saw a match between Korea’s fourth seed, Dplus Kia, and Vietnam’s GAM Esports. GAM managed to advance to the Swiss Stage by winning the play-ins.

In the first round, DK Deft got the early lead with the help of Canyon and Kellin. Not only that, DK also got all the objectives. With that, DK won the round very easily within 28 minutes.

For the entire 8 minutes in the second round, none of the team got a single kill. But DK got the Chemtech Drake in that period. And after the first herald team fight, it was 1 for 1. So, in the early game, the match was extremely slow. But after the second drake, DK got a huge lead in the team fight. From there, DK started to snowball the game, and GAM Esports couldn’t keep up.

In the end, GAM Esports was disqualified, and Dplus Kia advanced to the next match of the Swiss Stage.

GAM esports
Image Credits: RIot Games

With that said, the Swiss Stage bracket still isn’t over yet. And we got more matches to enjoy. For now, in 29 October, we can see the last day of the Swiss Stage, where only three teams will advance to the knockout stage, and the others will be disqualified from the event.

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