LoL Breakout 2023 Capsule Milestone Rewards

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Riot has introduced yet another Mythic Variant Skin, which will require players to buy 200$ worth of capsules to acquire.

Riot has gotten themselves into yet another skin-related controversy, this time over the recently unveiled Breakout True Damage Ekko Mythic Variant Skin.

Just in the past several months, there have been two significant skin-related controversies. The first controversy concerned the Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin Mythic Variant skin, which was universally despised. In essence, the skin was a glorified Chroma of the popular Dark Cosmic Jhin skin. Moreover, getting the Mythic Variant skin required players to open a total of 30 Dark Cosmic Erasure 2023 Capsules. Given that each capsule costs 750 RP, getting the skin would need an outrageous 22,500 RP or $200 worth of capsules.

The second controversy was regarding the Coven Syndra skin. The much-anticipated skin was pretty lackluster upon release, but Riot has since fixed most of the skins issues. Now, let’s talk about the latest controversy on the block, Breakout True Damage Ekko.

Similar to Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin, it is another Mythic Variant skin. This alone should tell you what the problem with the skin is. It is yet another $200 skin, and some people are still going to buy it.

That said, let’s talk about why you are here to learn how to get the Breakout True Damage Ekko Mythic Variant skin.

To acquire the skin, players must complete all Breakout 2023 Capsule milestones. There are eight milestones in the Breakout 2023 Capsule, and players are given the skin after completing all eight milestones.

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Breakout 2023 Breakout 2023 Capsule Milestone

There are a total of eight milestones in the Breakout 2023 True Damage Capsule Rewards. Each individual capsule will contain skin shards as well as a chance to get the new “Music Grab Bag” or “Breakout True Damage Ekko” skin itself.

Breakout 2023 Music Capsule

The rewards for the Breakout 2023 Music Capsule are as follows,

  • Three Random Skin Shards.
  • 1% Chance to get either Music Grab Bag or Breakout True Damage Ekko.

Music Grab Bag

  • Contains 1 Skin Shard worth 1350 RP or below & 2 Skin Shards worth 975 RP or more.
  • Bonus Chance for 2 more Skin Shards worth 975 RP or more.

Milestone Rewards

The Breakout 2023 Music Capsule milestone rewards are listed below,

Worlds 2023 Music CapsuleRewards
First CapsuleExclusive Icon
3 CapsulesExclusive Emote, 5 Mythic Essence
5 CapsulesRandom 1350 Music skin, 5 Mythic Essence
10 CapsulesRandom 1350 Music skin, 5 Mythic Essence
15 CapsulesRandom 1350 Music skin, 15 Mythic Essence
20 CapsulesRandom 1350 Music skin, 1 Music Grab Bag, 20 Mythic Essence
25 Capsules2 Music Grab Bags
30 CapsulesBreakout True Damage Ekko Mythic Variant

Breakout 2023 Music Capsule will have more rewards compared to the previous Cosmic 2023 Capsule. It will also contain 30 Mythic Essence and random Music Skins.

Music Skins

Music Skins refer to any of the musical group-related skins. So, K/DA, Pentakill, True Damage, and the newly released boyband Heartsteel fall into the Music Skins category.

When Will The Capsule Event Start?

The capsule event will start on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, at 1 pm PT. The event will continue till Thursday, November 30, 2023, at 11:59 pm PT.

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