Will Cho’Gath Get Rework in League of Legends?

Being one of the top candidates to get a VGU in League of Legends, Cho’Gath, will he get a rework?

League of Legends was released over 11 years ago. Even now, this game is one of the most played games of all time. One of the ways that the game stayed relevant is by releasing new champions regularly. Not only do they add new champions, but they also update the older ones.

There are many types of champion updates in League of Legends. For example, Riot will buff the champions in an upcoming patch if the champions are too weak. Similarly, if the champion is too strong, Riot will nerf them. And if the champion is outdated to the point they are unfixable, then Riot will opt for an update called VGU.

VGU, or Visual and Gameplay Update, is a champion update where a champion receives an entire kit and visual overhaul.

Since the Kayle rework in 2010, Riot has constantly been reworking flawed or outdated champions in their core design. The last champion to receive a rework is Udyr. Even though he was over-tuned when the rework was released, players reacted positively to the changes.

Similarly to Udyr, there is one character who was released before Udyr, who also deserves a VGU, and that champion is Cho’Gath.

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Cho’Gath VGU

Cho’Gath, released in 2009, is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends. Even though his kit seems outdated compared to the newer champions, his ultimate and late-game potential keeps him relevant.

As for his design, Cho’Gath is one of the first void champions to release in the game. But his design is a knockoff of the main villain from the Spawn comics, Violator. Besides their color, their designs are entirely identical.

Besides the ultimate, Q-Rupture and W-Feral Scream, the rest of his kit is outdated. His passive-Carnivore restores his health and mana per enemy killed. But it is incredibly underwhelming as he only heals 18-52 health per level. Likewise, Cho’Gath’s E-Vorpal Spike, even though not as bad as his passive, is still not up to the standards of some of the modern champion abilities.

Because of how outdated Cho’Gath is, most people thought he would finally receive his rework very soon.

NickyBoi, a League of Legends Youtuber, suggested a Cho’Gath VGU late last year during the preseason 2022. Ever since then, players have been desperately waiting for the rework. Even speculating that there would be a void event. But instead of the void event, we saw the release of Bel’Veth, the last void champion of League of Legends.

But recently, Riot released a teaser for TFT. In the first 25 seconds of the video, Riot shows off a concept art of a redesigned Cho’Gath. Notably, the design is identical to a fan redesign by Medaforcer. Furthermore, he is also a concept artist for League of Legends.

Seeing that, many people believed that its a teaser for a Cho’Gath VGU for League of Legends. Caitlyn’s ASU was teased similarly like this, as her ASU was released in TFT earlier than League of Legends.

Will He Recieve a VGU?

Unfortunately, Medaforcer stated on his Twitter that Riot isn’t planning to use this content soon. It is incredibly disappointing for fans as they wanted their favorite Terror of The Void to be reworked. But maybe with this tease and the demand from the player base, they might end up reworking Cho’Gath after Skarner. It’s certainly a possibility.

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