When Does K’Sante Release in League of Legends?

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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K’Sante is set to launch in League of Legends soon, and here is when we can expect to see the champion.

Riot is always looking to introduce new champions in League of Legends. This serves as an addition for players to learn and play with new or redone mechanics while bringing more lore to the game. Also, to make sure old champions do not get pushed out completely, Riot is now doing more reworks as of late.

Four champions have been released this year thus far, and K’Sante will be the fifth addition to the roster. We have seen Renata Glasc and Zeri take the league by storm, while Bel’Veth and Nilah have their player bases in the meta thus far.

K’Sante is set to come soon, and we anticipate him to be an incredible addition in the top lane as a bruiser. His kit largely revolves around being a bruiser while dealing damage to hold his own against the carries in the top lane. K’Sante’s passive marks an enemy and deals bonus damage when the champion hits a marked target.

His abilities largely revolve around longer fights, as he has plenty of crown control with his Q, survivability with his W, and movement with his E. Meanwhile, K’Sante’s ultimate ability allows him to isolate his target in a different area across the terrain and empower every other ability, and passive K’Sante has.

All these abilities round out to making K’Sante an ultimate tank bruiser who can handle his own in the top lane and outplay his opponents. Here is when we can expect to see K’Sante in League of Legends.

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K’Sante Release Date

K’Sante is set to be released in Patch 12.21 on November 3rd, 2022. As it is in a few days, we can expect to get our hands on the champion soon. The only worry with new League of Legends champions is how balanced they are, and we hope K’Sante will be balanced when he is released.

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