Cheeky hiding spot for killjoy’s swarm grenade and alarm bot on Bind

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
2 Min Read
Image Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT is a free-to-play tactical shooter from Riot Games the developers behind League of Legends.

VALORANT thrives on players who scour every corner of the map for some extra lineups in order to get an edge over their opponents in the game. From Cypher’s cage to Killjoy’s annoying alarm bots, knowing where to place your agent specific kit can be the difference between winning and losing.

Killjoy is a character who is getting a lot of picks on diamond ELO right now mostly because of how efficiently she can secure a site down all on her own. And with this cheeky hiding spot for her utilities on bind, any player can secure a lot of easy kills for their teams.

Killjoy’s utility hiding spots on Bind:

Basically, this player showed off a pretty cheeky hiding spot for her utilities. This placement is just perfect for controlling Hookah. Since Hookah control is pretty important on Bind, it makes a lot of sense for players to fortify this place especially on the defender’s side.

Spots like this can be really useful while holding down a site on their own. When the opponents spot the alarm bot and the swarm grenade, it would be already too late giving players enough time to rotate from A site to B site.

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