A new bug in VALORANT ACT 3 won’t allow players to pick Agents during the Pre-game stage

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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image via: RIOT

VALORANT ACT 3 is live and available for download but a frustrating bug has been ruining the experience for many players. This bug literally makes it impossible to select Agents in the pre-game stage.

After a long interval, Riot finally dropped the VALORANT ACT 3 with a lot of new content and much-needed changes. However, any major update is bound to come with bugs and glitches regardless of the title. 

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Pre-game Agent Selection Bug

According to VALORANT players from the SEA region, players are presumably to encounter the bug right after queueing in for a match. At first, the “Search” option seems to turn Red while mentioning “Party not Ready / Could Not Enter Matchmaking”. Subsequently, it shifts to a loading screen with no apparent Agents to select. Once stuck in the loading screen with a default VALORANT Wallpaper, Pre-game music becomes audible which means the Agent selection stage is occurring although it’s invisible to the player.

Pre-game Agent Selection Bug
Image Via: RIOT

Due to the bug, some players are receiving temporary cooldowns for “Abandoning the match” wheres the player was unable to select anything in the first place. Besides the Pre-game bug, long queue time for unrated/spike rush/deathmatches is also repulsing players from finding any matches at all. On average, hopping into a simple Deathmatch server is consuming more than 10 minutes.

Match History Bug

On some occasions, players are forced to restart their PC to get rid of the bug. Similarly, the presence of bugs in Match history and Career History has also been spotted. One bug, in particular, won’t let players visit their previous ACT’s history or Rank Triangle. Till now, competitive matchmaking seems to be working just fine though getting into a server is the primary obstacle.

So far, Riot has released no official statements regarding these issues. Nonetheless, the VALORANT community is desperately waiting for a quick fix from the developers. Otherwise, the current state of the game is totally “Unplayable” for the average players.

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