VALORANT Singularity skin collection all the color variants, price, release date

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: talkesports/ Riot Games

Riot Games recently teased their latest skin collection called “Singularity” and it is already getting a lot of buzz from the VALORANT community.

The singularity collection really pushes the boundary of special VFX effects on a free-to-play tactical shooter. And the extra reloads and equip animations with this collection is also amusing. Since Riot teased the reload and last kill animations, players have been wondering if this skin collection has any other color variations other than the dark Omen themed one which was teased.

Fortunately, there are going to be more color variants for the singularity skin collection. Furthermore, there are also going to be more levels on top of those variants giving each color another layer of customization.

Singularity skin all the color variants:

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So players can expect three other color variants excluding the one which was initially leaked. As usual, there are purple, blue, red and blue and purple mixed ones.

Singularity skin collection price:

In total, players can expect to spend as much as 8700 VP for the whole singularity skin collection. However, this still doesn’t include all the extra levels that can be unlocked via Radianite points. So, expect to pay more if you are not willing to grind for the extra VFX effects.

Additionally, for the first time ever players will be able to choose the exact color variant that they want to start with. Later on, players can still grind to unlock all the other color variants via Radianite points.

Singularity skin collection release date:

The singularity skin collection will arrive on October 27th with the launch of VALORANT ACT 3. The battle pass of ACT 3 featuring all the gun skins will also arrive at the store at the same time.

The singularity skin collection has really piqued players’ interest in what else Riot can do with cosmetics in their tactical shooter game. Seems like with each new release they are trying to push the boundaries on what can be done in a free-to-play multiplayer game.

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