Riot just shut down one of the most popular cheats and spoofers tools for VALORANT in a new ban wave

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games is now doubling down on their fight against the cheaters as they just shut down one of the largest VALORANT cheat websites.

While it is still not a big surprise that VALORANT has a problem when it comes to cheaters, Riot Games did promise the player base a mostly cheater free environment when they first announced the game last year.

Furthermore, Riot even put in some extra effort as they made their own in-house anti-cheat solution called the Vanguard that was supposed to be better than all the competing anti-cheat solutions that are available on the market.

VALORANT anti-cheat detects some popular cheats
Screen grab via Riot Games

Even though Vanguard is a robust kernel-based anti-cheat detection system, cheaters can always find a workaround. Tools like spoofers in conjunction with some other cheat services have made it more difficult for Vanguard to keep up.

Riot Games goes hard on the VALORANT cheaters:

In order to catch these ever-evolving digital thieves, Riot Games also had to go the extra mile and literally spy on all the popular cheat distribution websites that offer cheats and spoofers for a price.

Additionally, much more public and private cheats have been detected by Riot Games. Apparently, they also took down these so-called websites that were selling these illegal cheats to the consumers on a monthly subscription basis.

The anti-cheat police department who is known for chasing down cheaters and sending the details of these cheaters to the proper authorities just brought this news to light. Furthermore, these spoofers have allegedly bricked some of the cheat user’s computers in the process and left them only with a bluescreen.

For the time being, players can expect to enjoy a mostly cheater free experience in VALORANT while climbing the ranked ladder. Until the next one arrives, enjoy a hacker free VALORANT.

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