Aatrox, Volibear, Swain & Others Are Receiving Buffs In Patch 13.9

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Riot has unveiled that Aatrox, Volibear, Amumu, Swain, & Trundle will receive massive buffs in the upcoming patch 13.9.

Since the MSI patch is out, Riot can now focus on the solo queue and try to improve it.

The previous patch, 13.8, was the MSI patch. Because of it, Riot buffed ten underpowered champions. Moreover, they also nerfed five problematic champions. The most notable champions who got nerfed are Malphite, Aurelion Sol, Jarvan IV, etc.

Since patch 13.8 and the prior patches were more aimed toward pro play, Riot did not adjust champions who were too volatile as they could easily ruin the meta. Moreover, they also did not release many mini-reworks as well. Even if they did release any mini-reworks for champions, those champions would most definitely be disabled in the MSI 2023 tournament. The most recent champion who received a mini-rework, Yuumi, is also disabled.

But as the MSI patch has been out in the live servers for quite a while, Riot can now focus on buffing underwhelming champions. Moreover, now they can also release the long-awaited Neeko and Kayle mini-rework.

The official League of Legends Dev Team Twitter recently revealed on Twitter all the upcoming changes of patch 13.8. they announced that Aatrox, Volibear, Amumu, Swain, and Trundle would receive significant buffs in the upcoming patch 13.9.

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Patch 13.9 Buffs

Aatrox Buffs

Aatrox has fallen far from grace. The former strongest champion in the game is one of the top laner with an abysmal win rate. Though Riot slightly buffed his W and R in patch 13.5, it was still insufficient.

Currently, Aatrox’s win rate is only 48.48%, with a 4.7% pick rate. We could expect minor buffs overall, as massive buffs might make Aatrox overpowered again, similar to last season.

Volibear Buffs

In early season 12, Volibear was a powerful jungle champion. Because of it, he got hit with massive nerfs all over his kit after the durability patch. Afterward, he became one of the weakest top laner and jungler in the game. And since his nerfs, Volibear did not receive any adjustments. But Riot has announced that Volibear will receive massive buffs in the upcoming patch 13.9.

Amumu Buffs

Since the nerfs to the new tank items, Amumu’s win rate has also seen a steady decline. Moreover, the sad mummy has also seen his fair share of nerfs this season. Because of it, his win rate is currently 48.91%, below average. Though in the current meta, many jungle champions have win rates below 49%, it is not unusual. But his pick rate is also a low 1.7%. So we can expect some slight buffs to Amumu in the upcoming major update to show him some spotlight.

Swain Buffs

Last season, Swain received a mini-rework. The aim of the rework was so he could be picked in mid-lane as well. It was successful overall, as he is a formidable mid-laner with a 51% win rate. However, at the same time, he became one of the worst support as well.

In terms of win rate, Swain is the third worst support. His win rate is an abysmal 47.04%, with a pick rate of 2.3%. So we can expect massive buffs to make him viable in support again.

Trundle Buffs

It is understandable why Riot is buffing Trundle after the MSI patch. Currently, in the pro play, Trundle is a strong pick in most team compositions. However, in ranked, Trundle has the second lowest win rate out of all jungle champions. Moreover, he also has an abysmal pick rate as well.

In the current patch, his win rate is 47.36%, with a pitiful 0.8% pick rate. And these are the reasons why Trundle will be buffed in patch 13.9.

Release Date

Riot will be buffing all of the champions in patch 13.9, scheduled to be released on Wednesday, May 3, 2023.

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