Briar Receives A Hotfix Buff In Patch 13.18

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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With Riot having a terrible win rate, Briar is getting a hotfix buff for Patch 13.18.

Briar is the latest champion to come in League of Legends. She is a unique character, as much of her kit depends on decision-making and timing. Her abilities have an autonomy of their own as Briar locks herself onto a target she chooses or is in closest proximity to.

With her kit like that, she suffers from an extremely low win rate. While new champions tend to be much stronger, in Briar’s case, she feels weak, and players have yet to understand how best to utilize her.

So, with an extremely low win rate and an out-of-the-box kit, Briar is suffering through a lot of problems. Thus, to alleviate some of those problems, Riot has decided to do a hotfix where Briar is going to be buffed. Here is what the buff entails.

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Briar Hotfix Buff

Before talking about the changes, here are the full details.

  • Base Stats:
    • Health: 590 >>> 610.
  • E – Chilling Scream:
    • Damage Reduction: 35% >>> 40%.
    • Cooldown: 18 seconds >>> 16 seconds.

So this seems more like a change to fill the holes of the champion for now. The extra health will be a huge help, considering Briar does not have any passive Health Regeneration without damaging enemies. Also, she will have more of an agency to cc champions with less damage taken while charging her Chilling Scream.

Overall, these look like solid changes, and we should expect more to come to Briar in Patch 13.19. For now, Riot has decided to fill in some holes and see if it fixes her win rate issue at the moment.

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