Bocek Bow: Respawn finally introduces a new weapon type in Apex Legends season 9

For the first time, Respawn will introduce a whole new weapon category in Apex with the inclusion of the Bocek Bow.

Respawn has been teasing us with this new weapon type for some time now. In the last couple of dev blogs, Respawn would hide arrows in the background to give players hints. Furthermore, a new weapon class called “Marksmen” was found in the game files by data miners.

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Some data miners also gave us plenty of clues about Respawn testing out bows to be added as a new weapon class in the game. Seems like all the testing paid off and it is finally here in season 9 of Apex. The new weapon will be called “Bocek Bow”.

According to Respawn, Bocek Bow is a powerful and deadly weapon, for those with the skill to wield it. Capable of inflicting tremendous damage at medium range, you’ll need to make each shot count.

Bocek Bow

Based on the description provided by Respawn, this seems like an ideal weapon for middle-range combat encounters, but players would have to make each shot count since there will also be a new ammo type similar to the sniper ammo.


According to a data miner, Bocek Bow or Compound bow Takes unique “Arrow” ammo. It also Has some hop-up or alt-fire called “Splitter Arrows” that turns the projectile into 5 in the shape of a cross (X).

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Usually, Respawn always likes to implement some sort of alternative firing mode or a charge-up mechanic to let the weapon stand out from all the other weapons in the loot pool.

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