Moonrise Tower’s Protruding Book Puzzle Solution Guide in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

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Enter the hidden room behind Balthazar’s Book Case by solving the Protruding Book Puzzle in BG3. This guide will show you how to solve the puzzle quickly.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the latest RPG inspired by the fantasy of Dungeons and Dragons. Choose your character in BG3, form a team of four, and fight against the enemies of Faerun. Explore and uncover the mysteries of the Mind Flayers to cure yourself of the parasites.

There are different quests in BG3 where players can experience the thrill bit by bit while completing the story. As you start the story, players will roam around this wretched realm to find hidden gems, such as Balthazar’s bookcase in the Moonrise Tower.

Balthazar’s Book Case holds many secrets in BG3. Players may get into the hidden chamber behind the bookcase after solving the Book Puzzle, and then they can work on the ritual circle destruction or go to burn the Lantern in the room. And to proceed further in the story, you must complete the Protruding Book Puzzle in BG3 to get to the secret room.

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Moonrise Tower’s Protruding Book Puzzle Solution in BG3

To solve the puzzle, follow the steps below:

Get to Balthazar’s Library

Go to the first floor of the Moonrise Tower and open the locked door with Disciple Z’rell’s key. That particular locked door is the library, where the puzzle will begin.

Find the Protruding Books

To solve the Potruding Book Puzzle, you must detect the four Protruding Books on the Case. If you try to move the Book Case by hand, you may feel stuck as it is trapped in its shell. Use DC 10 Perception check to find the four books.

Moonrise Towers Protruding Book Puzzle Solution
credit: xgarbett (youtube)

The Final Move

As there are four Protruding Books in the Case, touch and interact with the top right one out of the four. And once players have done this part, they may hear a click. That is the sound of your first correct move. Moreover, notice a pedestal-like object known as Ancient Alter on the same side opens up.

After it opens up, turn around and get over to the other side of the Library, where a glowy Heart is near the Sacrificial Alter. Collect the Heart and take it to the Ancient Alter. Players can gather the Heart in the Inventory for safety.

However, when you take the Heart to the Alter, it may not work. Press the space to drop it in the Altar. And then the secret chamber will open up on its own.

Moonrise Towers Protruding Book Puzzle Solution
credit: xgarbett (youtube)

Remember to do all these things correctly; if you do not follow these steps, your character’s life may be in danger. The Library is a mystery, and it can create a deadly foggy area if there are intruders, so walk cautiously.

After getting into the Hidden Room, you may find a dead pixie or a tiny fairy beside a ritual circle. You can either destroy the ring and ruin the ritual, or you can gather all the Moon lantern pieces and ignite them to perform the ritual.

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