Best Warrior Builds in Elden Ring: Weapons, Armor Sets, and More

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From varieties of playstyles and builds, let me show you the best Warrior builds in Elden Ring.

“Follow your destiny, Ashen one.” We have come from the previous installment of Soul-franchise to Elden Ring, and what has changed? Well, now you have an open world to explore, items to develop your arsenal, and get on a rampage from the very beginning by being an Overlord by night. Of course, the veterans of Soul-franchise already know their moves.

This discount simulation game can make you Prophet to Warrior, Vagabond to Samurai. The only place you will have enough life choices to settle down with. So, Ashen one, let me help you today enhance your tailoring experience while roaming down this wretched land.

Warrior Class Stats

Ashen one, would you fancy being a Warrior? It is indeed one of the advanced classes to run your simulation. You will start your journey with a Medium Armor set. Following on, there will be a small shield. The Dexterity stat will be high, and you will get two Scimitars at the beginning. What is the purpose? You can deal some heavy damage with limited options of defending yourself.

Being a warrior comes with another catch. As your Vigor stat will be lower, you will have a tight space to move around while in a rampage. As this is a fast-paced build, I suggest carrying on with light items.

Warrior Class Starting Stats:

Below stats will be with you at the very beginning. Let’s have a look at these:

  • Vigor: 11
  • Endurance: 11
  • Strength: 10
  • Dexterity: 16
  • Weapon: Scimitar
  • Shield: Buckler
  • Armor: Blue Cloth set
best warrior builds elden ring
Warrior Class

Why you should play Warrior Class in Elden Ring?

Now this Warrior class is one of a kind. It keeps balance in Dexterity, Endurance, Strength, and Vigor. These are the main factors that the Ashen ones should prioritize. Who knows about the veterans?

best warrior builds elden ring
Image Credit: FromSoftware

The best thing about this class is that you can wield dual-handed weapons and get on a rampage. Aggressiveness is the middle name of Warrior class for this reason. Another point goes for shield holding, as you can swap one of your swords with the shield. Fact is, the Warrior builds are all about the best oriental blades that you will discover from time to time in Elden Ring.

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Best Early Game Warrior Builds

Primary Stats:

  • Vigor (20+), Endurance (20+)
  • You will be using fast blades primarily. With the dex-focused build, Endurance and Vigor amplify your skills.

Secondary Stats: 

  • Vigor, Endurance

Armor sets:

  • Bull-Goat set: Heavyweight armor set. It will provide staunch poise. Great for defense.
  • Hoslow’s set: A Medium weight set. Mostly famous for the defense per weight ratio. Gives you enough flexibility.


  • Morning Star: This hammer scales perfectly with Dexterity. Deals severe damage with gradual blood loss.
  • Claymore: This one is a two-handed weapon. The long, straight blade can deal with a heavy sweeping attack along with a heavy piercing thrust.


  • Great Turtle Shell: A Medium shield. Keeps an outstanding balance between your defense and the weight. It will also boost your stamina recovery speed.


  • Erdtree’s Favor, Green Turtle Talisman
    • The first one increases stamina recovery. Turtke Talisman will increase your maximum HP along with the equipment load.

The warrior class is suitable for close-range melee combats. Watch out for openings and go with all you have in the arsenal. Be careful with the movements to make sure to dodge on time to avoid a direct hit.

There is an additional skill that you can summon. It is Lone Wolf Ashes. Great for a starter while you distract those goons. Last but not least, jump attacks are a life-saver for freshers. Keep these tricks in mind to enjoy Elden Ring a bit better.

Best Late-Game Warrior Builds

Primary Stats:

  • Vigor, Endurance

Secondary Stats: 

  • Dexterity


  • General Radahn Set: Best late-game armor. You will be able to keep balance with both physical and magic resistance.  The versatility of it makes it worthwhile till the last part.


  • Beastmen’s Curved Sword: Easy to wield, but the damages are heavy to deal with. Can do double slash from a jump attack. Believe me, Ashen one; both attacks will hit the enemy with full efficiency.


  • Dragonclaw Shield: Provides damage protection instead of parrying. The values do not lie even against bosses.


  • Erd Tree’s Favor, Claw Tailsman, Dragon-Crest Sheild Tailsman
    • Claw talisman enhances jump attacks while the Dragon-crest one boost physical damage negation

This late build fast will also deal heavy damage from jump attacks. Use Crimson-Burst Crystal Tear and Strength -Knot Tear for a strength buff before a boss fight. It will also boost up health generation for at least 3 minutes. Claw Tailsman is useful to enhance the power of Beastmen’s Curved Sword.

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