Elden Ring: How to Pause the Game

Abu Bakar Karim
By Abu Bakar Karim
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A “Pause” mod has been released for Elden Ring to help the players to take a breath in a mid-boss fight in the game. You can look at the screen in the meantime and think of what decisions made you come to this point.

Elden Ring is addictively unique or uniquely addictive; take it any way you want. It is an open world full of mystery, adventure, and, yes, ludicrous boss fights. The brutal fights will keep you captivated as the motto of Sekiro; “Shadows die twice.” The fun part is over; you are trampled over countless times.

The designing decisions, the gameplay, the storytelling method will make you create the Italian chef gesture. All these hardships for the Elden Ring will make you the ruler of the dominion. Till then, I can see you enjoying your quality time with the garrulous NPCs. So yes, for the freshers, there are many things to cover from FromSoftware.

Now here is the new catch from FromSoftware. Devs don’t want you to catch your breath for a single moment. Dragon flying coming towards you and two ferocious knights chasing you down; you need to catch a breath for a moment to face your fate. Devs are like, how about you face your fate first? You will certainly ask, so when I am catching my breath? Devs will become Bully Maguire at this point to let you know that they don’t understand if that is their problem.

So yes, the summary is that you cannot pause in Elden Ring. You can check the menus see the inventory while the knights of the dark alley will devour your soul. Well, this is only applicable for veterans who challenge their bladder in a stand-off against the Crucible Knight.

Enough chit chats. Let’s take you to the alley where you can catch a breath. So the “Pause The Game” is a new mod available on Nexus Mods, the home of wonders. And this is a game-changer, mate. Just press P and pause. Clear as the day. Now, let me take you to the steps one by one.

Disable the anti-cheat

The Easy Anti-Cheat got to be off the radar to load this mod. Specifically, almost all mods require you to go offline. Follow these steps to disable this. Then come back here to follow the rest of the procedures. If you already have disabled that, be my guest.

How to pause the game

  • Download “Pause the Game” mod from here.
  • Now, copy the contents of “PauseEldenRing.zip” into the game root folder. The root goes like this: “G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ELDEN RING\Game.” There you go.

To rebind the pause key to your preference, simply start the game once after the mod has been installed. Then exit to the desktop. This will create “pause_keybind.txt.” Now, all you have to do is, replace the contents of that file with the Hexadecimal value of your preferred key. You will find the values here.

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