Best Crosshair Color For Every Map in VALORANT

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Credit: Riot Games

In this guide, we’ll drive you through the best Crosshair color options for all the maps in VALORANT, so you can take your aim one step ahead and get even better at the game.

Riot Games pushes small to big patches into VALORANT regularly to improve it. With every update, VALORANT undergoes Agent, gameplay, map, and quality of life changes that always keep the game fresh and enjoyable.

Riot Games recently added three new features and improved one already existing Crosshair setting through the 5.04 patch. These Settings gave players more options while making new or updating old Crosshairs for better clarity and accessibility.

VALORANT is unique for its exciting lore and beautiful visuals of the characters and maps. Because of that, every map in VALORANT has a distinguishable design and color scheme. So, every Crosshair color will not benefit all the maps equally because of each map’s specific color scheme.

But, you have the option to customize the Crosshair color just the way you want. You also get up to 15 Crosshair Profiles to save your different Crosshairs for each map.

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How Many Maps are There in VALORANT?

As of Episode 7, Riot Games has released 10 unique competitive maps in VALORANT. Sunset was the latest map added to the game in Patch 7.04. With VALORANT’s Crosshair Settings update, you can easily customize your Crosshair colors for Primary weapons and Sniper scopes.

How Does Custom Crosshair Color Work in VALORANT?

Credit: Riot Games

With Patch 5.04, VALORANT added a custom Crosshair color option, allowing players to make their crosshairs any color they want. Previously, VALORANT only had 7 Crosshair color options: White, Green, Yellow Green, Green, Yellow, Yellow, Cyan, Pink, and Red.

While these options are great and give you plenty of choices for your Crosshair customization, having more color options for your Crosshair does not hurt. VALORANT added a Hex code (6-digit RGB) option with the new custom Crosshair color update. Changing the values with the right combinations for specific colors will change your Crosshair to that particular color.

For instance, if you want to change your Crosshair color to Red, instead of choosing the color Red from the given Crosshair Color options, you can choose Custom and type #FF0000, and hit enter. After that, VALORANT will change your crosshair color to Red, accompanied by the #FF0000 Hex code.

Click this link to learn how to change Crosshair and Sniper Scope colors and set your own custom Crosshair.

Best Crosshair Color For Every Map

As mentioned earlier, every map in VALORANT has unique color schemes and designs. As a result, some crosshair colors may blend in with the map’s background and lose visual clarity. So, it is best to use vibrant Crosshair colors that contrast the overall map very well.

So, without further ado, let’s see what the best Crosshair colors for every map in VALORANT are. However, we are excluding Split as it is currently not in the current map pool. We’ll update the article with the Crosshair color for Split as soon as it comes in the map pool again.


Credit: Riot Games

Green: #00FF00


Credit: Riot Games

Yellow: #FFFF00


Credit: Riot Games

Yellow Green: #7FFF00


Credit: Riot Games

Dark Orange: #FFC800


Credit: Riot Games

Red: #FF0000


Credit: Riot Games

Hot Pink: #FF1694


Credit: Riot Games

Green Yellow: #DFFF00


Credit: Riot Games

Scarlet Red: #FF1D00


Credit: Riot Games

Canary Green – #DAFF68


Credit: Riot Games

Royal Blue – #0000FF

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There you go! These are some Crosshair colors accompanied by their 6-digit hex codes. Of course, you can pick and use other Crosshair colors on each map per your preference. However, it is recommended to use Crosshair colors that do not blend in with the map backgrounds. Hopefully, this list of Crosshair colors for each map will help you choose the right one.

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