How Does Riot Games’ Report System Work in VALORANT, League of Legends, and Other Riot Associated Games?

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You may wonder how Riot Games takes action against all the reports in League of Legends, VALORANT, and other Riot-developed games. We finally have the answers.

Established in 2006, Riot Games is the developer and publisher of some of the most player-focused games in the world. Riot Games released their first game, League of Legends, in 2009, becoming one of the world’s most acclaimed titles.

Ten years later, in 2019, Riot Games released yet another title VALORANT, surprising everyone. Because this time, Riot entered the FPS market, competing with some already existing and established titles such as CS: GO, Overwatch, and R6.

Despite having less expertise in the FPS industry, VALORANT also made quite a reputation for itself among the community. Apart from these two huge titles, Riot Games also have other games such as Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and LOL: Wild Rift.

With so many games under Riot Games’ belly with millions of players, not everyone will be playing by the rules. So, Riot Games also needs to deal with these types of players through Riot’s report system to make the games enjoyable to other players.

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How Many Reports Do Riot Games Receive Every Month?

Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games actively work on ways regularly to make their games safer for everyone. Riot Games receive millions of reports every day through their games. Yes! Everyday! Players report other players through the in-game report system because of various reasons.

Some of the reasons may not even be that severe for Riot to take action against a particular player. However, Riot Games always watch over these reports and see patterns in players’ behavior to improve their system and earn players’ trust.

According to Riot, in 2021, they received about 240 million reports on average every month. And altogether, they accumulated a whopping 3 billion reports in total. Can you imagine? Three billion reports in the year 2021 only?

“3 billion is a really, really large number. If every Rioter spent 365 days a year with their only job reviewing these reports, we would still need each person to review about six reports per minute to keep up.”, Riot games said.

So, How Does Riot Games Take Action Against the Reports?

Credit: Riot Games.

As Riot games said, it is almost physically impossible for them to review every report they get on a regular basis. But, they can not also ignore any report as crucial information may be lost if not appropriately investigated.

Because of that, Riot Games uses “automated solutions that can detect disruptive behavior at scale.” These automated systems study the pattern of players’ actions and take appropriate measures against them.

These automated systems work like a charm for behaviors like AFK and blatant cheating. However, reviewing actions incorporating trolling, intentional feeding, and unstructured behaviors is really hard for Riot to review automatically. So, Riot is continuously working on its automated system so that these behaviors also can be detected without manual intervention.

Are All the Reports Get Taken Care of?

Credit: Riot Games

According to Riot, “Across the industry, the breakdown falls around a 95/5 percentage. That means that 95% of people who are disruptive in games are only disruptive sometimes. For those players, warnings and light penalties are usually enough to prevent them from reoffending.”

So, basically, from all the reports Riot receives, only 5% of the reports are worth taking serious actions such as long duration ban or permanent ban. And, for the remaining 95% of the reports, the actions are mostly nonrecurring. So Riot Games usually give those players warnings and light penalties without further action.

For the record, the penalty system works for Riot Games very well. Because according to Riot Games’ recent data, “the players that received a penalty in 2021, less than 10% of players received another one within the calendar year.”

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Riot Games already has an incredible Anti-cheat and report system that millions of players appreciate. However, even after that, Riot Games is always determined to improve its systems to make its games a better and safer place for players all across the world.

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